Wedding Cupcakes


Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakesWedding cupcakes are becoming a more popular trend now. Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, many people are choosing to have wedding cupcakes.

They are less expensive and allow for more creativity. Here are a few ideas for wedding cupcakes.

Decorate each cupcake with a different design. You can even make each cupcake a different flavor. For example, weave chocolate and vanilla together for a dazzling black and white effect. Golden rings and flowers of marzipan, redhearts, names and initials are a few of the creations possible with this versatile dessert.

No need to cut thewedding cake in pieces.  Every guest will be spoiled with a whole unique masterpiece.

Wedding cupcakesThere are many ways you can make wedding cupcakes unique, and the choices are limitless, from different sizes to different shapes.  The cupcakes can be made weeks ahead of time and stored in the freezer until the big day.

There are many decorating magazines for making wedding cupcakes. You can come up with lots of different ways to display the wedding cupcakes, with or without a display stand. Wedding cupcakes as centerpieces on the tables at your reception will save you money on flowers.

Having wedding cupcakes instead of wedding cake will be easy to make if you ask friends and family to help you make them, ultimately saving you time.

Your unique wedding cupcakes will be a big hit at your reception, with everyone talking about them for years to come. So check out different ideas on how to make wedding cupcakes.

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