Sprinkles and Glitter for Cupcake Decoration


Using Sprinkles and Glitter for Cupcake Decoration

With a pre-set serving size, the ability to easily repeat a design, and virtually no cleanup, cupcakes are the perfect dessert for so many occasions. Decorating cupcakes is an engaging pastime for adults and children alike, and cupcake enthusiasts are always looking for different themes, an easy way to decorate, and the perfect finishing touch. With such a wide array of sprinkles and glitter for cupcake decoration, the possibilities are endless.

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Picking the theme for your cupcakes is usually easier than figuring out how to display them. Your sprinkles and glitter are going to be the first things that catch peoples’ eyes, so you must choose them wisely.

Holiday themes are popular, and there is an abundance of multi-shaped sprinkles for each one, such as Yankee Traders’ pink, red, and white hearts for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, orWilton’s Six-mix Easter Assortment with pastel glitters and confetti, along with bunny- and egg- shaped sprinkles.

Pick one or more base colors for your frosting and figure out a complimentary color of glitter to use. Choose a shaped sprinkle for the different colors of frosting and glitter that will stand out well. You do not have to do these steps in order; you can choose the sprinkles first, and then choose the frosting and glitter combinations that will compliment them best.

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For example, for Halloween, you may decide that you want to have bat, pumpkin, and skeleton cupcakes. You search and find CK Products Halloween decorating sprinkles for your pumpkins,Wilton’s Bone Sprinkles for your skeletons, and black bat sprinkles from Confectionary House. CK Products also has a wide range of glitter colors for your backgrounds.

For your pumpkins, you want a background that resembles fallen autumn leaves. Because you want the orange pumpkin sprinkles to stand out, a background of yellow and red is ideal. This can be done with either red glitter with yellow frosting or red and yellow glitter with brown frosting. To add to the effect, use autumn leaf-shaped sprinkles from Confectionary House. To make your pumpkin sprinkles stick to your frosting better, mix glitter into the frosting. Thus, some frosting is left on the surface for the sprinkles to adhere, and the glitter does not get all over your counter. This is not only an easy way to decorate, but also gives the frosting an interesting texture.

The bats will stick out and look at home on a surface that resembles a full moon in the night sky. Mix orange frosting with yellow glitter, or vice-versa, and spread that in the center of your cupcake. Stick bat sprinkles to the moon in the middle and pipe black icing around the outside of the moon to make it look like it’s hanging in the sky. For the perfect finishing touch, mix some silver glitter into the black icing for a starry night.

You can also use this method of piping icing around frosting as a “catch” for glitter and sprinkles by making the icing taller than the frosting so the toppings cannot slide or bounce off the rounded cupcake top. This is an easy way to decorate with young children, who are usually less concerned with a professionally finished product and more concerned with getting as many colorful and sweet treats onto their cupcake as possible.Wilton’s Halloween four pack of “Test Tube Sprinkles” would be a good addition to a cupcake decorating party for young children.

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To have your skeleton cupcakes stand out, use green and purple frosting and glitter. As long as you don’t use a white background, your bone sprinkles will show up great. You can arrange the bones in any way you like: in the shape of a hand, a stick figure, or just sprinkled around. The shape of a hand is especially effective, as if a skeleton is about to pick up the cupcake.

These easy decorating methods can be used for all sorts of different themes. With sprinkles in many shapes and sizes supplying the personality and glitters adding color, texture, and sparkle to your frostings and icings, your cupcakes will be a hit for any occasion!

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