Making life sweeter with cupcakes and other sweets


Cupcakes, a sweet dessert

Girl eating cupcake - making life sweeterMany of us spend so much time worrying about how to eat healthier and avoid any food that may be “bad” for us that we sometimes forget what the goal of living a healthy lifestyle is – to be happier! 

While no one will argue that eating nothing but sweets is a terrible idea, it is also impossible to argue with the way enjoying a sweet treat makes us feel. 

Whether it is a decadent dessert or just a small treat to give yourself a “pick me up” in the middle of the day, sweets are more important than you might think.

Next time you look at the food pyramid, check out the top tier.  It’s made up of “bad” foods like fat and sugar.  If these foods are so “bad”, why do they appear on the food pyramid?  The answer is that although the foods should be eaten in moderation, they aren’t bad for you. 

Like most things in life, too many sweets can be very bad for you.  But the food pyramid doesn’t tell you to cut out these foods completely.  Not only are sweets not bad for you, they have a proven positive effect on your body.

Women eating cupcakes - making life sweaterResearch has shown that there are a number of reasons that sweet foods are so important.  First, foods that contain sugar give us a mood boost, something that we can all use. 

Unlike most other chemicals that boost our moods, sugar is all natural and doesn’t have harmful effects on the body.  Because dessert is something you should enjoy in moderation, it can put a smile on your face when you stop for a favorite sweet when you are feeling down or to reward yourself. 

Whether you love ice cream or cheesecake, enjoying a small portion of your favorite sweet is an important way to treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.

Enjoying sweets is also important because of what it does for us as people.  Think about the last gathering you went to – a wedding, graduation, anniversary, or birthday.  What was the main attraction at all of those events? 

Most likely, it was a sweet dessert like a cake, cupcakes, cookies, or other delicious confections.  Enjoying sugary treats together is one of the ways that we bond with other people.  It isn’t just eating sweets; the very act of cooking these treats can also create memories. 

Think of baking cookies or making cupcakes with a parent or grandparent and you will understand how baking can create the great memories that make sweets so important.

Mother baking cupcakes with childrenTaking time to enjoy eating treats is about more than just relishing the flavor of a tasty dessert – it is about slowing down and enjoying the good things in life. 

We spend so much time looking for the big keys to happiness that they often forget that it is the small things that truly make life fun.  Spend a few minutes to enjoy dessert with a friend, bake cookies with a child, or surprise someone special with a home baked treat and you will find out that sweets are a simple way to be happy now.

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