Gourmet Chocolate Cupcakes with Belgian Chocolate


Baking Gourmet Chocolate Cupcakes with Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate cupcake recipe with Belgian choclateBelgian chocolate is the gourmet standard in the world of chocolate, and the recipe for creating pure Belgian chocolate is one that has often been copied but has never been reproduced exactly.  Even Swiss chocolate, considered to be some of the best chocolate in the world, is created using a variation of the recipe perfected by Belgian chocolate makers. 

Whether you are a chocolate lover searching for the ultimate in chocolate flavor or a baker who wants to create the ultimate in rich, chocolaty cake, baking gourmet chocolate cupcakes with Belgian chocolate will be one of the tastiest experiments you will ever try. 

Belgian chocolate is prized because of the high quality ingredients used to create it, along with the old-world manufacturing process that is required.  Belgian chocolate is still made by hand, usually in small shops or factories that use equipment that has been around for decades.  Tourists who visit Belgium often stop at shops to take tours, attend chocolate tastings, and purchase souvenirs.  

In the baking world, Belgian chocolate cake is considered to be a gourmet dessert, and is often served at high end bakeries and restaurants.  Belgian chocolate cake has been served at the weddings and events of some of Europe’s most well known royalty, and thanks to its moist texture and rich flavor, Belgian chocolate cupcakes make an ideal treat at luxurious events everywhere. 

Cupcakes baked with Belgian Chocolate - chocolate cupcake recipesThe soft aroma of white and milk chocolate goes well with young, even a bit sour, wine. To serve something new without risks, try a white Burgundy or a Muscat. The strong taste of dark chocolate goes well with older wines.

Due to the expense of manufacturing true Belgian chocolate, purchasing Belgian chocolate powder is more expensive than the traditional cocoa powder that is used in most recipes.  However, purchasing Belgian chocolate powder is an investment that will pay off in flavor!

While there are several companies that offer a “Belgian chocolate powder”, there are only a few that use genuine Belgian chocolate.  To truly enjoy the gourmet flavor of Belgian chocolate, you will want to ensure that you are buying a powder that is made using true Belgian processes. 

Cooks Illustrated Magazine declared Callebaut-Dutch Processed 100% Cacao to be the best product on the market.  The product is made with pure cacao, and is created using the same old-world techniques that make Belgian chocolate so rich and flavorful.

When you purchase Belgian chocolate powder, you aren’t limited to creating cakes and cupcakes.  True chocolate lovers will find that this gourmet chocolate product can be used in a number of applications.  Hot chocolate, ice cream, mousse, crèmes, and puddings can all be created with this versatile flavoring.  The product is designed to work with either hot or cold products, but is particularly notable for the ease with which it combines with flour for baking. 

Creating gourmet chocolate cupcakes with Belgian chocolate doesn’t have to be limited to just chocolate cake.  The powder is perfect for frostings and icings, and makes delicious chocolate fillings as well.  Cupcakes created using Belgian chocolate will stand out from those created with other types of chocolate due to their unmistakably gourmet chocolate flavor.  If you are ready to try creating gourmet chocolate cupcakes, give Belgian chocolate a try.

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