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Grandmother and child bakingCupcake baking allows you to experiment with new cupcake recipes and textures. Baking cookbooks are really popular. New ideas can be found in plenty magazines and cupcake cookbooks. There are great and beautiful cupcake decorating books you can learn from. Plenty of cupcake decorating examples are available.

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eBook - Wedding Cupcake Secrets - Rating 4 stars

Cupcakes have become the centerpieces of wedding receptions.  Bakers everywhere are getting orders from couples who want to feature beautifully decorated cupcakes instead of a traditional tiered wedding cake. 

As the cost of wedding cakes continues to rise, more couples are looking to cupcakes as a way to have the amazing wedding cake they want at a price that they can afford.  But before you go out and order a wedding cupcake display, here’s a little secret.  Many brides and their families are even choosing to make wedding cupcakes themselves! 

Sound like something you could never do?  Well, a product called Wedding Cupcake Secrets aims to show you how to make fanciful cupcakes that will add the perfect touch to your wedding- or that of a friend or family member- at home in your very own kitchen.


Bonus DVD - Wedding Cupcake SecretsWedding Cupcake Secrets is a complete video guide to creating the perfect cupcakes for your wedding with easy cupcake recipes.  Whether you have never picked up an icing bag before or you are an experienced baker that is looking for ways to create cupcakes that will look great at a wedding, Wedding Cupcake Secrets can teach you something new.  Unlike learning how to bake in a classroom or school, Wedding Cupcake Secrets let you learn at your own place. 

Did you miss something important or a cupcake recipe?  Just rewind and watch again as you perfect your technique.  Want to recruit your family and friends to help?  Just let them watch the video with you as you bake cupcakes.  Not only will Wedding Cupcake Secrets help you learn to create beautiful cupcakes for your wedding, it is a fun activity that you can use at a wedding shower or just to spend time with friends.

Wedding Cupcake Secrets is just 53 minutes long- and yet it teaches you every step along the way, from picking out the perfect wrappers to coordinate with your wedding theme to making royal icing, decorating cupcakes, and even mastering one of the most beautiful techniques in cupcake decorating- fondant! 

After your wedding, you’ll find that the cupcake secrets you learn from this course will serve you for years to come.  Creating beautiful cupcakes isn’t just for weddings, it is the perfect way to make birthdays a little happier, anniversaries a little sweeter, and parties a little more fun.  You will find that your family and friends will begin coming to you as the go-to baker whenever it is time for a gathering.  In fact, some bakers have successfully started a business selling their wedding cupcake displays.  There is no end to the fun that you can have when you start learning how to create and decorate your own wedding cupcakes.

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Frosted Dreams Review – Create a professional looking cake in no time

eBook - Frosted dreams - rating 5 starsThe idea of creating beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes sounds like a lot of fun- but many people are a little intimidated by the process.  While creating decorated cupcakes may seem like it would take forever to learn or be an extremely costly hobby, the authors of a new book, Frosted Dreams, are ready to show you how fun and easy it is to get professional results in your own kitchen. 

If you have ever thought about creating beautiful cakes and cupcakes for your friends and family, keep reading to find out if Frosted Dreams could be the perfect way to get you started on this fun and exciting hobby.

The first thing you will find when you start creating home baked, decorated cakes and cupcakes is that people will start thinking of you as the person who always comes up with the most interesting and best tasting food at any gathering. 

Not only will people be impressed with your skill, they will also be surprised that you took the time to bake and decorate your treats at home.  Only you have to know how little time it actually takes once you know the tricks inside Frosted Dreams

Bonus eBook - Frosted DreamsIn fact, many people who have tried Frosted Dreams find that after they have given away a few of their “practice” creations, their friends, family, and neighbors begin asking them to bake something special for their next event.  A few people even say that they have become professionals, providing baked goods to people who are willing to pay for their time and talent.  Are you curious yet? 

Frosted Dreams is designed to be a step-by-step guide that will take you from novice to accomplished cake and cupcake baker and decorator.  You will need the basics to get started- cake recipes and ingredients, and the ingredients needed to make frosting. 

But Frosted Dreams gives you all the cake and cupcake recipe ideas you will need, no need to search all over to find a recipe then worry whether it will work for you or not!  Then, you will need to pick up a few basic tools used for decorating.  The basics include a turntable, icing bags, icing tips, and a small brush.  Once you get hooked on the hobby, you will likely begin buying even more tools, but the basics you need to get started can be purchased for just a few dollars. 

The authors of Frosted Dreams, husband and wife team Ben and Amy Holmes, want you to become confident in your decorating abilities and help you build your knowledge step by step.  Just like any other type of art, you will be most successful if you start with the easy steps and work up to the more difficult ones.  This is how Ben and Amy teach you to decorate cakes and cupcakes. 

You will begin to think about yourself as a cake artist, and decorating will become more and more fun.  While your first cake won’t be a ten tiered wedding cake worthy of a decorating show, you will be able to create cakes that you are proud of from the first time you pick up an icing bag.  Ben and Amy give you patterns, techniques, and the ability to expand your knowledge and skill as far as you want to go. 

Frosted Dreams won’t make you an expert decorator tonight, but you’ll be ready to create a professional looking cake in no time with the hints inside this book.

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Gluten Free Baking – The Easy Way to Gluten and Dairy Free Baking

Rating 5 stars - eBook - The easy way to gluten and dairy free bakingFor many people, baking is a source of pride.  Creating homemade goods that your family and friends will enjoy eating is a great feeling.  However, there are a growing number of people who cannot eat gluten for one reason or another. 

Whether it is due to metabolic disorders such celiac disease or due to a dietary restriction due to autism or a dangerous allergy, baking for people who cannot eat gluten can be challenging.  After all, gluten is the thing that gives flour its texture and makes baked foods rise.  But who wants to completely remove cake, cookies, muffins and even bread from their diet?

The good news for bakers who want to create gluten-free foods is that one baker and mom who understands the need for gluten-free foods that are healthy and delicious has created The Easy Way to Gluten and Dairy Free Baking.

Many of the recipes available to home bakers have made the idea of gluten and dairy free baking far less than appealing.  Recipes call for exotic ingredients that are expensive and hard to find, or the food comes out dry and hard and nearly inedible.  After living with children who required a gluten free diet, Ann Marie Johannsen decided that there must be a better way to create gluten free foods that her kids would love.

The Easy Way to Gluten and Dairy Free Baking includes everything that a home baker would want to create.  The more than 80 recipes are kid-friendly but sophisticated enough to make any grown up happy too. 

Bonus eBook - The Easy Way to Gluten and Dairy Free BakingThere are cupcakes and cookies, cake, muffins, sweet breads like banana bread, and all sorts of other delicious treats that will ensure that your gluten-intolerant friends and family will never feel deprived.  In fact, some of the recipes are so good that people prefer them over traditional versions of the recipes that contain gluten and sugar.

Another benefit to the cupcake recipes included in The Easy Way to Gluten and Dairy Free Baking is that the desserts are more than just yummy- they are also healthy!  The ingredients used to replace traditional wheat flour provide far more nutrition than traditional desserts filled with empty calories and sugar. 

Instead, ingredients such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables are used to create desserts that are moist, delicious, and have the sweetness you would expect from any dessert.

The Easy Way to Gluten and Dairy Free Baking is ideal for anyone who has to face a gluten or dairy allergy, but it is also ideal for bakers who want to create healthier alternatives to fat and sugar laden desserts. 

There are so many ways that a home baker can customize these desserts to make them into a signature dish- your guests will never know that they are eating healthy when they enjoy your desserts! 

For families with children who have a gluten or dairy sensitivity, this book is the perfect way to ensure that your child can enjoy cupcakes on his or her birthday right along with friends and family and never feel deprived. 

Whether you want to reduce the amount of sugar your family eats or you need to make dietary changes for the health of your loved ones, The Easy Way to Gluten and Dairy Free Baking is the perfect way to bring the joy back to baking.

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Copy Cat Cookbook – Just grab the Copy Cat Cookbook and start cooking!

Rating Copy Cat eBook 5 starsHave you ever went out to eat and wondered if you could somehow make the same food at home?  As the cost of eating out rises and more families are forced to tighten their food budgets, the idea of a cookbook that contains all the best recipes from your favorite restaurants is long overdue. 

That’s why the Copy Cat Cookbook was created- to give you all the information you need to create your very favorite restaurant meals, desserts, and even drinks right at your own home.  Even better, the majority of the recipes can be made for just a small portion of the cost of eating out.

Families that have children know that the price of eating at a restaurant can add up quickly- but when you cook the same meal at home, everyone can enjoy a favorite restaurant meal while you save money.  You may be surprised to find that you can feed a family of six people for about the same cost as a single restaurant entrée.  Just grab the Copy Cat Cookbook and start cooking!

One of the big benefits of creating restaurant meals at home using the Copy Cat Cookbook is that you can control the quality of ingredients that go into your food.  You can replace standard ingredients with organic meats and produce, or if you or a family member has allergies, you can omit or replace those ingredients so that everyone can enjoy the meal. 

The Copy Cat Cookbook can also be a dieters best friend- by replacing ingredients with low fat and low calorie alternatives, you can enjoy a restaurant meal that won’t ruin your diet.  When you eat out at a restaurant, you have no way of ensuring what type of ingredients go into the food.  But with the Copy Cat Cookbook, you get restaurant style foods while enjoying the knowledge that you are eating what you want to eat.

Bonus Copy Cat cookbookUsing the Copy Cat Cookbook to create a restaurant meal that you serve at a party or family gathering is a fast way to make you a favorite chef among friends and family.  Imagine inviting friends over for dinner and serving them the same food they would get at a pricy restaurant. 

The Copy Cat Cookbook includes dishes from favorite eateries like Red Lobster, Chili’s, Outback Steakhouse, and many more.  You can even create a special after-dinner coffee with recipes that recreate Starbucks drinks. 

Not only will your friends enjoy eating dinner with you more than they would eating at an overcrowded restaurant, they will love knowing that the food was created by you.  And you will know that you are saving a fortune over the cost of buying takeout!

Restaurant meals are getting more and more expensive, but cooking at home remains an affordable hobby.  The wide selection of meals in the Copy Cat Cookbook means that you can enjoy food from any restaurant, anytime you walk into your own kitchen. 

Buy the Copy Cat Cookbook today and start creating meals just like the ones you love to eat at restaurants at a fraction of the cost!