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Have a great time with your own Cupcake Wars event and cupcake recipes!

If you are like millions of fans, you’ve become addicted to the television show “Cupcake Wars”.  On the show, chefs from all levels of ability compete for a cash prize by baking and decorating their most amazing cupcake creations.  Chefs are challenged to create cupcakes with unusual flavors and decoration themes, ranging from cupcakes that represent SeaWorld to a Hard Rock Café episode.  The challenges get more difficult as the teams are reduced from four to two who compete in a final challenge to create a massive display holding one thousand cupcakes.  The winner gets the prize and the glory of being a champion cupcake maker. 

Woman is baking cupcakesWhile you may not have a good reason to create a massive showpiece holding a thousand cupcakes, the good news is that it is surprisingly simple to create cupcakes like the ones on the TV show Cupcake Wars with your own cupcake recipes.  The baking tools, tips, and cupcake recipes you need are all available online, and creating cupcakes is one of the least expensive hobbies you can possibly have. 

To create “Cupcake Wars” style cupcakes, start by experimenting with cake flavors and cupcake recipes.  Having a few staple go-to cupcake recipes is great for when you want to whip up a batch that you know will taste great, but try challenging yourself.  You can get ideas from the show, and try to create great tasting cupcakes out of some of the more unusual elements that the bakers on Cupcake Wars use. 

Next, try the same thing with frosting recipes.  Create different types of frosting- whipped, royal, buttercream, etc- and add unique flavors to them and try them out with some of the unusual cupcake recipes you have tried.  Come up with something that is unusual and delicious that you can consider your “signature cupcake”.  You may also want to try creating filled cupcakes like many of the Cupcake Wars bakers do- fill your cupcake with a different flavor of frosting, fruit, chocolate mousse, or anything else that sounds great. 

Nice cupcakes with colors red and blueNow comes the fun part- decorating.  Think of a themed event that you could create cupcakes for.  It doesn’t have to be as over the top as the Cupcake Wars events, but even a child’s pirate or puppy themed birthday party or a baby shower can be the perfect inspiration to help you come up with unique cupcake decoration ideas.  Watch what the bakers on the show do- they try to come up with unique cupcake decorations that show off their talent, but they also try to find decorating ideas that can be done quickly.  This is the most fun part of the cupcake baking experience, so really go wild with decorations.  You can find many decoration ideas online, ranging from cupcake wrappers to pre-made icing decorations and even books that will give you more ideas.

Finish your at-home cupcake wars with a fabulous display for your cupcakes.  You don’t have to create a life-sized tree or pink Cadillac to show off your creations, but try to think of a fun way to display them.  You can find many types of cupcake trees, tiered cake stands, and many other ways to display cupcakes online.  Whatever you do, be sure to have a great time with your own Cupcake Wars event.

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