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Cupcakes as Original Gifts

Cupcake as orginal gift - with loveCupcakes can make great gifts for any occasion. As a sensational alternative for flowers cupcakes are affordable gifts that may be personalized to create a truly exceptional experience.

If that special recipient obsesses about sports, make the icing in the colors of his or her favorite team topped with a miniature football.

Add toys as a cupcake topper to better appeal to children as a reward for a stellar report card.  Looking for a romantic proposal idea?  Simply place an engagement ring on top of a cupcake for the surprise of a lifetime. 



Cupcake gift loveUse cupcakes as a blank canvas for any message from the heart, from “I’m sorry” to “Thank you”. Place the cupcakes on a plate in a clear plastic foil and a ribbon of fabric with the same color of the cupcakes.

When grouped together, the effect is stunning. Whatever the decoration style, this unexpected gift will bring a smile to anyone’s face.




Baking Cupcakes with Family:
Putting Sweetness and Color in Your Lives

Baking cupcakes with familyAt some point in our lives, we may come to that moment when everyone is busy and members of the family fall apart.  Parents might feel as though their children are pulling away and the children might feel like their parents do not care.  There is no need to be alarmed. All you need to do is find ways where you can bond together.

Family activities, such as dining out, taking a vacation, and hanging out at the park, all promote essential bonding time.

Consider baking cupcakes as a family activity and you will all rediscover that spark that once made your family very close and happy.

Set aside a family cupcake baking day, such as Saturday morning or a lazy Sunday afternoon.  By scheduling it, you will be able to let everyone in the family know that this time should be allotted for the family and not for anything else. This is perfect for the parents or children who are busy with work or school.

Baking cupcakes with family - baking funGet an easy cupcake recipe that everyone will like. Making sure that you agree on one cupcake recipe will enable you to foster cooperation.

Assign tasks, such as measuring the ingredients, breaking eggs, mixing the batter and the icing, preparing the tins, preheating the oven, and decorating the cupcakes. Make sure that for every step everyone has a role to play. 

The adults can be assigned on more crucial tasks that involve the oven or measuring the ingredients, while the kids can do the fun tasks like decorating the cupcakes. Get creative and have fun!

Lastly, do not leave the task of washing dishes to others. Opt to still do it as a family to avoid any ill feelings or tantrums. Show that with every step of the way, from the preparation to the clean up, everyone is in it together.

Baking cupcakes with family - two children mother and fatherBaking cupcakes is a great way to spend quality time with each other. Whether you are a big family or a small one, baking cupcakes is a way to create family time.  You won’t be spending a lot but you have everything to gain – bonding time, stress relief from work or school, fun and laughter. 

You can even boost everyone’s creativity and willingness to cooperate.

Consider baking cupcakes when times get tough and you feel that you need to bond with the rest of the family. Eat the cupcakes together, as it will be great to feast on the fruits of your labor.

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Baking cupcakes with family - fun

Baking tips for kids

Kids baking cupcakes• Don’t bake cupcakes when you are home alone. Ask always permission to use the kitchen before starting. Ask an adult to assist you. He or she can explain how everything works. This is very important. The adult can also assist you with doing the dishes.
• Use an apron. Your mom or dad will certainly like that.
• Wash your hands regularly. Wash your hands before you start baking cupcakes, while baking and after baking.
• Follow the cupcake recipes step by step.
• Have all the ingredients and tools ready before you start. Don’t leave tools lying around.
• Let an adult put the pans in and take the pans out the oven. Always be very careful with the heat of the oven and the baking pans when they come out of the oven.
• If you do burn yourself, always flush the wound immediately with lukewarm water for at least 20 minutes. Call for an adult while you are flushing.
• Use your imagination to decorate the cupcakes. Maybe, you can make it a unique present for someone special!
• Don’t put warm cupcakes or food in the refrigerator.
• When you’re done, enjoy the cupcakes with your friends, mom and dad, grandma, etc.

Two children are baking cupcakes

Cupcake Baking Parties

Cupcake baking party - nice girl bakingBaking cupcakes has become a favorite hobby for many people, and if you are looking for a great way to have fun while indulging in your favorite past time, consider holding a cupcake baking party. 

Cupcake baking parties are the perfect way to socialize with friends, share new ideas, and create delicious cupcakes. 

Like other fun, creative party ideas, such as quilting bees or scrapbooking parties, cupcake baking parties give you the chance to get your friends together for some creative fun.

Start by creating a cupcake party invitation.  You can purchase invitations shaped like cupcakes, or do something more creative.  For example, consider purchasing cupcake gift boxes, and writing party information on the outside of the box.  Fill the inside with blank recipe cards, cupcake toppings, like sprinkles, or baking supplies, such as cupcake wrappers. 

Deliver the cupcake gift box invitations by hand or even send them by mail.  You can even fashion your own cupcake-shaped invitations by downloading a template online and creating invitations from fun papers.

Cupcake baking party - two women are bakingThe next step is to decide what type of cupcake baking party you want to have.  For example, you can have a cupcake recipe exchange party, where each guest brings a favorite cupcake recipe and a favorite cupcake icing recipe. 

You can bake the different cupcakes, and then taste-test them to decide on favorites.  Guests can exchange cupcake recipes to recreate the cupcakes at home. 

Another idea is to host a cupcake decorating party. Before the party, make cupcakes in favorite flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate, in advance, and create different types of icing. 

Give guests the chance to decorate a cupcake using the ingredients you have provided and a selection of cupcake decorating materials, such as icing bags and tips, brushes, or spatulas.  This is a great cupcake party idea for kids as well!  By doing the baking in advance, your guests’ only responsibility will be to have a great time!

Consider holding a cupcake baking party for charity.  Invite friends over to create and decorate cupcakes to take to a charitable organization, nursing home, police or fire station, or to your kids’ school as a gift for hardworking teachers.  You can also make a large number of cupcakes and hold a bake sale to raise money for a favorite cause. 

Woman decorating cupcakesOf course, since much of the fun of creating cupcakes is simply trying out new techniques, try holding a “class” where experienced cupcake bakers and decorators teach less experienced friends how to create unique cupcakes. 

This is a great way to get your friends interested in this fun hobby.

Cupcake baking parties are the perfect activity for mothers, church groups, teens, or just your closest friends and family members. 

Cupcake baking parties are also great for baby or wedding showers as a way to break the ice and get people talking. 

You already know how much fun creating cupcakes can be, so why not enjoy your favorite hobby with the people you love most?

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Gift Boxes for Cupcakes

Beautiful cupcakesWhen you have spent the time to create a tasty cupcake that is decorated like a miniature work of art, it can be hard to find the right way to store, transport, and give your tasty treat to friends, family, or customers. 

Many bakers don’t know that there are a wide variety of cupcake gift boxes that can add to the theme of the cupcake.  The following are a few ways that you can use cupcake gift boxes to add the perfect finishing touch:

  • Weddings – If you are creating cupcakes for your own wedding or that of a friend, cupcakes are the perfect take-home gift when presented in a pretty box.  Look for cupcake boxes that match the wedding colors, and tie each one with a pretty bow and a little thank-you note.  Guests will love the chance to enjoy their cupcake long after the party is over.
  • Bake Sales – Cupcakes are a major attraction at bake sales.  When it is time to sell your cupcakes, you don’t want to send them home squished under a piece of plastic or foil.  Instead, use cupcake gift boxes designed to hold anything from a single cupcake to several individual cupcakes as a way for shoppers to take home their treat.
  • Birthday Parties – Cupcake gift boxes are available in a wide variety of designs, and it’s easy to find one to match the theme of your party.  You can also purchase a plain box and decorate with stickers or drawings to coordinate with the party theme.  Then, send each partygoer home with a cupcake to enjoy later.
  • Baby Showers – After guests have enjoyed the shower games and refreshments, why not send them home with an adorably decorated cupcake in its own special gift box?  You can find many baby-themed cupcake gift boxes, or you can design your own by decorating a plain box with ribbons, paper, or stickers.  These tiny treats are the perfect way to remember your shower.
  •  Anniversaries – Cupcakes are a perfect take-home treat from anniversary parties.  Consider purchasing a pair of cupcake gift boxes and adding desserts designed to represent the couple, and send each guest home with a special reminder of the party. 

Creating cupcakes for friends or family is a special way to tell them how much you care, so give your goodies the presentation they deserve with a cupcake box.  You can find cupcake gift boxes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any treat.  The boxes are very versatile, and even look great holding a batch of cookies or homemade candies. 

Cupcake gift boxes are a big hit at bake sales, and party guests will be sure to “oooh” and “aaah” over your treats.  Presenting your homemade sweets in a cupcake gift box gives your dessert the professional touch you are looking for, while making them easy to transport and store.

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