Cupcake Recipes and Fresh Eggs


Use Fresh Eggs

If you have ever watched a TV chef, then you already know that one advice you have heard over and over again was to use fresh ingredients. Right behind the skill level of a chef, freshness of a product is the next piece of the puzzle that can be the difference between good and great.

This concern for fresh product may be the single biggest difference between people who create a masterpiece and those who create a simple meal. The reason fresh ingredients are more important is fresh ingredients tend to mix, cook, and taste better. Since you are talking about eating, taste should be a concern; therefore, freshness should always be at the forefront of your mind. When making cupcakes, the difference between good and great are in the ingredients, so make sure you are using the freshest and the best available.

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How to Read an Egg Carton
When it comes to most baking recipes, the freshness of the eggs is a factor, and the best place to start is by understanding how to read the package to make sure you are buying the freshest eggs possible.

If you look at the bottom of the carton, you will find three pieces of information. First, you will see the sell-by date, which tells you when the eggs will be pulled from the shelf and can no longer be sold. Below that, you will see a three digit number that is the day the eggs were placed in the carton. If this number is 001, for example, then the eggs were put in the carton on January first, since that is the first day of the year. Next to that there is a code that tells you where the eggs were processed; you have to look this information up online.

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Difference Between White and Browns Eggs
The difference between the colors of the eggs is simply determined by the color of the chicken that laid the eggs and the type of feed the chicken ate. There is no difference in nutritional value between the different colors. The difference in prices is due to the fact that chickens that lay brown eggs are larger and require more feed as a result.

Determining the Freshness of an Egg
If you want to verify the freshness of the eggs you buy, the simple test is to place the eggs in a deep bowl of water. If an egg is fresh, the egg will sink to the bottom and just lay there. Stale eggs will float. This occurs because fresh eggs contain a large amount of carbon dioxide, which dissipates over time as the eggs become less fresh.

The next time you make cupcakes, remember: the fresher the ingredients, the better your dessert will taste. So grab some fresh eggs from the store and get baking!

Fresh eggs for cupcake recipes

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