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Cupcake Party – Baking Up Memories

Cupcake pink frosting created on a cupcake partyYou probably already know that cupcakes are a major trend that is landing on the pages of gourmet magazines and in the front cases of the hottest bakeries in town.  But cupcakes come from a less glamorous – but far more fun – past. 

Cupcakes have always been a favorite treat for children. Whether it is a classroom party, birthday celebration, or just a chance to spend a few minutes with your kids, enjoying cupcakes is a perfect childhood activity. 

If you are looking for a fun and unique birthday party idea, consider hosing a cupcake baking party for your child and his or her friends.  Here are a few ideas for making your next event special:

  • Host a “make-it, take-it” party.  Perfect for kids of all ages, consider holding a party where each guest decorates a cupcake to eat at the party, and takes another one home to share or enjoy later.  Put out a variety of cupcake frostings and toppings, and let party guests decorate the cupcakes any way they like.  Consider sending each child home with a cupcake gift box to hold their special creation.
  • Hold a cupcake tea party.  Ideal for little girls, holding a cupcake tea party is something your little princess will never forget.  Set a fancy table with favorite princess or tea party themed furnishings, and bake cupcakes in advance for your little guests to decorate.  Let each girl create her own dream cupcake with a variety of colored cupcake frostings and princess-worthy décor, such as edible gems and pre-made frosting flowers.
  • Hold a healthy eating party.  If you have a child who has specific dietary needs or you just want to avoid giving your guests too much sugar, consider creating cupcakes that are sugar free, and then allowing guests to decorate the cupcakes using fruit.  Slice fruit or other healthy toppings ahead of time and let guests create tasty combinations.

You can create a cupcake decorating party to coordinate with any theme, just be creative!  Let your guests enjoy creating their special treats as much as they will enjoy eating them. 

Woman presents cupcakesRemember that cupcake decorating parties aren’t just for kids; grownups at wedding or baby showers will enjoy decorating cupcakes just as much. 

You can tailor your party to the age and ability of guests. For younger kids, you will need to spend time showing them how to decorate their cupcakes. 

Older party goers will enjoy trying their hand at advanced cupcake techniques, such as using icing bags and tips to create more sophisticated and complex designs. 

By creating cupcakes in advance, all your guests have to do is to enjoy decorating and eating their creations at the cupcake party!  Holding a cupcake decorating party is a sure-fire way to create a memorable event.

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