Cupcake Dessert Platters


Cupcake Dessert Platters

Cupcake platterFancy, decorated cupcakes are one of the hottest trends on the dessert scene, and cupcakes are a favorite among home chefs who enjoy how easy it is to create these miniature dessert masterpieces. 

If you are planning a dinner party or other event, consider taking your baking skills to the next level by creating a cupcake dessert platter. 

Cupcake dessert platter birthdayThe idea is to create a plate that contains several miniature dessert items, each in their own individual display. 

Combine these tiny treats, and you will have a dessert that guests will remember.  You can create a cupcake dessert platter for any occasion.

Simply find a plate that coordinates with the theme of the event or matches the style of the desserts, then create different confections to arrange artfully on the plate.  The following are a few ideas for different dessert dishes that you can combine on a single plate to create a perfect platter:

  • Cupcake – Whether you use a full-size or miniature cupcake, this should be the centerpiece of your dessert platter.  You should coordinate all of the dessert items to create a theme.  For example, create a chocolate platter featuring desserts that include chocolate for a girl’s night.  Or, consider making different types of desserts that feature fruit, starting with a cupcake with a fruit filling or fruit topping.
  • Ice Cream – A small bowl of ice cream or sorbet is an ideal match for most types of desserts.  Guests can add the ice cream to the top of other dessert items or eat it alone.  The flavor of the ice cream should complement the other items on the plate.
  • Mousse or Pudding – The smooth texture of mousses or puddings is the perfect companion to your favorite cupcakes.  Consider topping your mousse or pudding with cherries, chocolate chips, or other garnishes.
  • Cheesecake – Miniature cheesecakes are surprisingly easy to make, yet they are a decadent accompaniment to your cupcake dessert platter.  You can make either a traditional plain cheesecake to go with nearly any type of dessert or a flavored cheesecake.
  • Homemade Candies – Serving a dish full of homemade candies invites guests to create their own desserts, adding them to the top of cupcakes or into ice cream.  Homemade chocolates are another surprisingly easy, yet very impressive, dessert item.

PuddingYou can use almost any type of dessert in your cupcake dessert platter.  The idea is to give guests a variety of treats to enjoy, each in its own bowl. Not only is this idea delicious, it also shows off your creativity as a chef as well. 

You can make larger displays ofindividual desserts in their own bowls using a tiered cake platter.  Be creative, and add in any type of sweets that you can think of. 

Ice and fruit dessertThe most successful displays will include a variety of confections that all have a common theme, whether it is flavor, color, or decoration.  Cupcake dessert platters are a fun, special addition to any party or event.

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