Cupcake decorating with fondant


Fondant is the best way to create the designer cupcakes

Fondant is one of the most versatile and modern cupcake decorating mediums on the market, and adding fondant designs to cupcakes allows you to create anything from smooth, elegant wedding cupcakes to the cutest baby shower and birthday cupcakes.  However, many bakers and cupcake decorators are a little intimidated by fondant. 

Cupcake decorating with fondantFondant has an undeserved reputation for being tricky to work with, but amateur bakers who experiment with fondant are almost always pleased with the results of their efforts- a gorgeous, satin finish that can’t be created with any other type of icing and designs that cannot be replicated with any other method.

The reason that many bakers are intimidated by fondant is that it can not only be a little tricky to work with, it can also be somewhat expensive.  If you choose to use pre-made fondant (a good idea for beginners), the cost may be a little scary.  However, if you shop carefully, you can often find pre-made fondant sold by the pound at a reasonable price. 

A pound of fondant is enough to cover about twenty cupcakes, so if you plan to make cupcakes, you’ll need to figure out how much fondant you need.  The other problem that many bakers see with pre-made fondant is the flavor.  Fondant that is pre-made doesn’t always taste as good as freshly made fondant.  Satin Ice is great to work with and it tastes amazing! It’s a little more sticky than other types of fondant.

However, there are ways to create a delicious flavor even with pre-made fondant, primarily by adding flavorings as you work with it.  If you choose to use pre-made fondant, just be creative and don’t be afraid to taste.  Once you have worked with fondant, you may decide that you love it and want to find out how to make fresh fondant.  The fondant recipe is a little more complicated than other icing recipes, but yields delicious and beautiful results.

Cupcake decorating with pink fondantThe most important thing to remember when working with fondant- and when you are creating cupcakes in general- is that you should aim for having fun, not for being perfect.  Some people get stressed out when trying fondant because they wait until a major event such as a birthday party or wedding to try it out.  You’ll have more fun and get better results if you experiment before your high-pressure event.  Creating cupcakes with fondant can be fun and easy if you practice a little before any big events.

Now that you are ready to try decorating with fondant, there are a few things that will make working with fondant a little easier.  Each individual fondant recipe will vary slightly, but these tips will work for most recipes. 

First, ensure that your hands are clean and greased before you try to work with fondant.  Working with fondant is much like working with bread dough- you will need to knead it and work with it to warm it and make it pliable before you start creating designs.  Be sure that your surface is clean and completely free of any debris. 

Work slowly, and don’t be afraid to try again.  If you are covering cupcakes with fondant, you will want to roll fondant out to be fairly thin, as thick fondant may not taste good or look appealing, and people may peel it off rather than eating it.  Start experimenting with different techniques, and taking a class or watching videos that highlight fondant techniques will help you get the hang of things.

Working with fondant is the best way to create the designer cupcakes you have seen in magazines and on television.  While the technique may have a reputation for being tricky, it simply takes a little practice.  Start by working with premade fondant and getting ideas from magazines and websites, and you’ll feel like a pro in no time!

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