Cupcake decorating with edible images


Cupcake decorating with edible, printable designs

Printer to decorate cupcakesCupcake decorating – You may have seen cakes and cupcakes that feature highly detailed designs or even photos that look almost as if they have been printed right onto the frosting.  While edible photos and paper have been offered for some time in bakeries, many cupcake decorators wonder how they can create the same effect at home.   Today’s edible paper and ink make it possible to create printed, edible designs right in your own home! 

The uses for edible images are endless- add now and then photos to birthday cupcakes, include pictures of the bride and groom on a wedding cake, add your child’s favorite character to cupcakes, create complex designs to add to any cupcake, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Edible ink cartridges for cupcake decorating with printerWhen you think of a printer, you probably think of something that churns out documents at work or prints pictures at home, but you’ve probably never considered the idea that a printer can be a delicious way to add beautiful designs to your cupcakes.  Decorating cupcakes is one of the hottest trends among home bakers and professional bakeries, and printer manufacturers have responded by creating edible ink and paper that is affordable even for home use.

Using  a printer to create edible images has many applications for your cupcakes.  You can add precise, accurate logos, characters, and even pictures to cupcakes far more quickly than drawing those items by hand or creating them with color flow, royal icing, or fondant. 

Cupcake decorating with printable frosting sheetsIf you want a traditional look for your cupcakes but are unsure about your decorating abilities, edible printed cupcake designs are the answer.  Simply print any design, no matter how complicated, and place it on your cupcake.  Then, use your favorite icing to trace the image, creating the look of an intricately designed cupcake design far more easily than ever before.

Once you have added the edible ink and icing sheet, creating designs becomes easy.  You can use any photo or graphics software that you choose to create images, you can use images that you download online, or you can create a group of photos to create a cupcake collage. 

Make the most of every sheet by filling it with images, and then start trying different techniques.  Whether you are a professional baker, an aspiring bakery owner, or simply a mom or dad who loves to create special baked goods for their family, edible printed images are a great way to take your decorating to a whole new level.

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