Cupcake decorating with edible flowers


Decorating cupcakes with edible flowers

Edible flowersAs any cupcake decorator knows, there are dozens of ways to create edible flowers from frosting or candy, and these flowers can make a stunning addition to cupcakes.  But did you know that there are also many edible real flowers that can be used as a stunning addition to cupcakes? 

Before you head out to the garden and start picking your favorite blossoms, there are a few things that you need to know about decorating cupcakes with edible flowers.  However, for bakers who want to be at the head of the latest trend in decorating pastries of all types, edible flowers are the hottest trend on the market. 

Decorated cupcake with edible flowerThe first thing you should know about decorating with edible flowers is that not all flowers can, or should, be used on cakes.  There are certain varieties, such as wisteria and daylilies, which are toxic and should never be used on a cupcake because they can make anyone who eats them ill.  If these are your favorite flowers, look for ways to recreate them in frosting or use silk flowers.  There are also some flowers that are not toxic but should not be eaten.  These flowers can be displayed on a cupcake, but should be removed before eating them. 

Finally, there are a large number of different edible flowers that can be used fresh or crystallized on your cupcakes.  The list of flowers that are edible is large, and includes many favorites like roses, violets, and pansies.  Adding edible flowers to a cupcake is a very modern touch that is showing up at some of the biggest cake events in the country. 

Before you pick up a bunch of flowers at the florist and begin adding them to your cupcakes, keep in mind that not all flowers are grown organically and not all are cleaned in the same way that food items would be.  If you want to use edible flowers on your cupcakes, the best choice are organic flowers that have not been treated with potentially dangerous pesticides or chemicals. 

While you can purchase these flowers from a florist or specialty shop, a better option is to try growing them yourself.  You can purchase kits that allow you to grow a specific variety of flower right in your own home.  Not only is the finished product a beautiful addition to your cupcake, growing the flowers in your kitchen adds a sunny touch to your décor.  A few options for growing your own edible flowers for cupcake decorating are here:

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If you are not quite ready to try fresh edible flowers for cupcake decorating, you can use crystallized flowers.  These are real flowers which have been specially treated to last for months, look beautiful, and taste delicious.  You can purchase individual petals or whole flowers that are pre-packaged and ready to use right away.  These flowers have a unique texture and color that will instantly add a distinctive touch to any cupcake, and the decorations taste great.  A few options for bakers who want to try out crystallized edible flowers are:

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Decorating cupcakes with edible flowers is a surefire way to get people “oohing and aahhing” over your creations.  Edible flowers are ideal for birthday cupcakes, wedding and shower cupcakes, and even baby shower cupcakes.  They can also be one of the easiest and fastest ways to create the elegant cupcakes you’ve been dreaming of.

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