Cupcake decorating with electronic fondant cutters


Electronic Fondant Cutters – decorate dozens of cupcakes

Electronic fondant cutter is a nice baking tool to create unique cupcakesFor years, scrapbookers have enjoyed the ability to cut shapes, letters, and even lace out of paper using electronic cutting machines.  As interest in cake and cupcake decorating continues to grow, companies that make these cutting machines have created electronic fondant cutters designed to cut precise designs out of fondant that you can then use on your cupcakes and cakes.  The machines make working with notoriously difficult fondant a little easier, and allow you to create anything you can imagine. 

Electronic fondant cutters work by using a small blade, like an Exacto knife, to cut designs into a sheet of fondant.  Most machines work using cartridges, so there is no need to attach them to a computer or work with frosting in your home office. 

Instead, you can bring electronic fondant cutters right to the kitchen where you can create designs as you bake.  While they are often called “electronic fondant cutters”, these machines can work with other types of decorating material such as gum paste to create elaborate designs. 

The fondant used in electronic fondant cutters is a little different than rolled fondant, which is used to drape over cakes.  You will need to ensure that the fondant you use in your electronic fondant cutters is the right thickness- too thin and it will tear, too thick and it might not cut correctly. There is a learning curve. It will work once you figure out the right consistency. But the good news is that you can use purchased, pre-made fondant, home made fondant, or you can purchase ready-made fondant sheets that are made specifically for use in an electronic fondant cutter.

Once you have an electronic fondant cutter, you may wonder what you can do with it.  When it comes to creating unique, beautiful cupcakes, the answer is nearly anything you can imagine.  You may want to start by looking at pictures of cakes that use fondant to see how other decorators use this medium.  An electronic fondant cutter allows you to select a design, and then create it in a variety of sizes from tiny to large. 

Simple designs such as creating cupcakes with an initial for each guest are an easy way to make a big impact, and the result is very modern.  Other choices include simple geometric designs.  You may also want to look at scrapbook sites for inspiration, as techniques such as paper piecing to come up with unusual designs.

Another great tool for anyone interested in electronic fondant cutters are ready made cartridge design sets.  These cartridges are made specifically for cakes and cupcakes, and come with a set of images along with an instructional guide that tells you how to create a specific design.  Using this type of cartridge set can be a great way to have a design that you can use again and again. 

One of the best reasons to use an electronic fondant cutter is that it allows you to decorate dozens of cupcakes using fondant without requiring you to spend hours cutting out intricate designs. 

The most popular electronic fondant cutter is made by Cricut, who has created cartridges, trays, and other parts designed specifically for use with food.  This machine is ideal for a number of uses because you can switch from cake to paper and back easily.  You can purchase the machine alone or as part of a cake decorating bundle. 

There is also a Martha Stewart edition that includes designs from the original cupcake doyenne.  This versatile tool will quickly become a favorite part of your cupcake arsenal.

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