Hygiene in the Kitchen


Your friends and customers will appreciate your great kitchen hygiene as they enjoy your cupcakes!

Family baking cupcakes in the kitchenWhether you are planning on selling cupcakes you bake from home or just want to make sure that your kitchen is safe from dangerous food borne illnesses such as salmonella, practicing good hygiene in the kitchen is easy. Hygiene in the kitchen is very important.

Taking a few minutes to clean and prepare your kitchen before and after you start working is the best way to keep your family or customers healthy.  The following are the basic rules of kitchen hygiene that you will want to follow:

  • Wash your hands.  Before you begin cooking, thoroughly wash your hands with warm water and soap.  Then, each time you have handled anything that could contaminate your hands, wash them again.  Raw eggs, raw meat, and even some fruits and vegetables are all sources of bacteria.  Wash your hands again when you are done cooking.
  • Clean work surfaces.  Whether you work on a countertop, island, or cooking board, you will need to wash it between uses with soap and warm water.  You can use an anti-bacterial spray on countertops and islands if you choose, but soap and water does the trick nicely.  You will also want to keep surfaces where food rests clean- the shelves in your refrigerator and cooling racks, for example.
  • Cover foods.  When you store foods in the refrigerator or even allow it to sit on the counter in your kitchen, make sure that it is covered. 
  • Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.  Bacteria thrive in temperate environments, so if you keep your food at cold or hot temperatures, it is harder for bacteria to breed.  Store dairy products in the refrigerator,
  • Watch the “use by” dates on food.  Meat and dairy products in particular should be consumed by their “use by” date.  If you store these products outside of their original container, be sure to label it with the “use by” date.
  • Never lick utensils.  It may sound silly, but many cooks are in the practice of tasting their foods as they cook, and often, they will use the same utensil after taking a taste.  If you need to taste, use a clean spoon, then wash the spoon before you use it again.  Also, never use your fingers to dip into food.  All of these habits can lead to the introduction of germs into your food.
  • Bandage cuts.  If you cut yourself in the kitchen, or if you have an injury on your hands, you will want to cover it with a bandage before you begin working.  It is a good idea to then wear disposable gloves as you cook.
  • Pull back hair.  To keep hair from falling into food accidentally, you should pull long hair back, or wear a headband.  If you prefer, you can wear a hairnet, but for most cooks, simply pulling hair out of the way is sufficient.

These simple tips can make your kitchen a healthier place to cook.  Not only will your food thank you, your friends, family, and customers will appreciate your great kitchen hygiene as they enjoy your cupcakes.

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Chocolate cupcake is a work of art


Even thinking about eating a chocolate cupcake is enough to make many of us start smiling.

Decorated chocolate cupcakeWhile a chocolate cupcake recipe may seem like a very basic recipe, there are hundreds of versions of cupcakes that include chocolate cake, filling, frosting, or a mixture of the three.  You can add so many different things to chocolate cupcakes to make them your own.  What will really make your cupcake stand out are the ingredients you add to it to make it stand out from a basic chocolate cupcake.

Many recipes call for creating chocolate cupcake by using cocoa powder, which is a smart way to get that delicious chocolaty taste you are looking for.  But if you are looking for a “real” chocolate cupcake, there are many other ways to get that flavor. 

One of the most popular ways to create chocolate cake is by using dark chocolate- while not everyone is a fan of the bitter taste of dark chocolate, using it in a cupcake recipe takes away the bitterness and leaves only a rich chocolate flavor.

Chocolate cupcakes on a plateYou can purchase cooking chocolate which is made for this purpose, but for the richest chocolate flavor, look for luxury Belgian chocolate.  A final touch that will bring out the richness in your chocolate cupcake is muscovado sugar.  This special sugar has a stronger flavor that goes well with chocolate. You can also consider adding cream rather than milk or using flavorings such as chocolate liqueurs to bring out the flavor of chocolate.

While chocolate tastes great on its own, it is even better when it is paired with another ingredient that brings out the flavor of chocolate.  Consider mixing in orange, strawberry, or lemon if you like a slightly fruity, sweet flavor. 

For something a little more surprising, you can add mint, brandy, or coffee.  And for the true chocolate purist, you can add fudge or chocolate ganache as a filling or in the frosting. 

Chocolate cupcake with chocolate frostingOf course, no chocolate cupcake would be complete without frosting.  This is also the perfect way to introduce color and flavor to your chocolate cupcakes.  Decorating ideas are endless, but to enhance the flavor of your chocolate cupcake, you should find a frosting that compliments the cake.  You can make butter cream, fondant, and glaze in a number of flavors to go with your chocolate cupcake. 

Filled cupcakes are another way to give your chocolate cake that bakery-worthy taste.  You can fill a cupcake with truffle fillings, ganache, fudge, fruits, or nearly anything else that sounds good to you. 

Experiment with flavor combinations to find ones that are true stand-outs.  Your family and friends will be sure to enjoy your “practice” sessions as you create the perfect, specialized chocolate cupcake. 

Chocolate cupcake with fruit decorationThe perfect chocolate cupcake is a work of art- and by being a little creative, you can make one that expresses your love of cooking.  Whether you want to make a big batch for a birthday party or just a few to enjoy with your family, chocolate cupcakes will be a favorite anywhere you serve them.

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Check out our latest cupcake videos


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Save money at the Cupcake Webshop


Wide range of baking products and baking tools in our cupcake webshop

Man and woman baking cupcakesCreating whimsical, beautiful, delicious cupcakes is one of the hottest trends in all of cooking. 

Bakers everywhere are looking for the hottest baking tools, techniques, tips, and cupcake ingredients to help them create the perfect cupcakes for every occasion. 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the latest cupcake baking tools in your local store.  While local craft and department stores often offer a few cupcake related items, finding exactly what you are looking for can be time consuming and difficult- not to mention expensive! 

Luckily, the internet offers bakers a way to get all of the latest goodies, without driving around all day, spending a ton of money, or getting frustrated by the small selection at local stores.

Decoration cupcakesVisiting our cupcake webshop means having every cupcake related item you have ever wanted right at your finger tips.  The wide range of products in our cupcake webshop is designed to help you create the edible works of art you have always dreamed of. 

Whether you want to create the perfect character themed cupcakes for a child’s birthday or are planning an elegant display for a wedding, shower, or anniversary, our webshop offers you a wider selection than you will ever find at a local retailer. 

Perfect cupcakes start with perfect cupcake ingredients.  While store-bought cake mix may have been okay for your early baking efforts, most bakers find that they are disappointed by the results they get from boxed cake mix.  Our webshop provides a range of cupcake ingredients that will allow you to create perfect, fluffy, delicious cupcakes and frostings for any use.  Whether it is an unusual flavoring, the perfect shade of food coloring to match your party theme, or premade decorations for the perfect finishing touch, find it all at our webshop.

Paper cups linersOf course, the other thing that will help you make the cupcakes of your dreams is the best bake ware, baking tools, and materials.  Many bakers find that the baking tools that they find at local shops quickly limit their imagination and creativity.  That’s why our webshop offers you a full selection of the latest baking tools and highest quality bake ware.  Investing in your baking tools is one way that you can make baking more fun as well as achieving better results.  Whether it is a new set of cupcake pans or the most versatile decorating tips and bags, finding the right baking tools will allow you to create more cupcakes more quickly than ever. Looking for cupcake recipes?


Beautiful liners for cupcakeStop wasting time going from store to store, hoping to find what you are looking for.  Our cupcake webshop contains everything you need from ingredients to decorating items to create the cupcakes you have imagined.  The time and money you spend driving around hoping to find what you need at a local shop could be used for creating cupcakes.  Not only is shopping at our cupcake webshop more fun, you can also take advantage of our special offers and promotions designed to help you save money on the items you want most.  Stop by today to find out why so many customers love shopping at our cupcake webshop, and then get started on your latest creations!

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Best Basic Baking Tools for Baking Cupcakes


Baking cupcakes is an increasingly popular hobby

Best baking tools for baking cupcakesBaking is an increasingly popular hobby enjoyed by home chefs everywhere. 

People are finding that they delight in creating tasty cakes, cupcakes, and a variety of other treats for their family and friends. 

If you are one of the many people who are crazy for baking cupcakes, whether you have just started or have been baking for years, consider investing in high quality baking equipments that will help you get the perfect results you have been hoping for. 

While you don’t need to buy baking tools just because you see them in the store, there are some essentials that every baker should have.

  • Baking sheets – simple baking sheets with a flat bottom and raised edges are the most versatile tools that any baker will ever own.  Whether you are planning to make cookies or cakes, good baking sheets will last for years, and you will find yourself turning to them again and again.
  • Pans – the basic baking tool of every baker, many home chefs fail to purchase good quality baking pans.  Using poor quality baking pans leads to uneven baking, cakes that stick to the sides of the pan, and warped pans that are hard to clean.  You may want to consider buying silicon pans as well, as these are the easiest pans for removing baked goods.
  • Wire cooling rack – nearly all baked goods must be cooled before they can be decorated or eaten, but leaving your treats in the pan to cool can cause them to stick to the pan or cool unevenly, causing a soggy underside.  A wire cooling rack is a simple baking tool that will make your baking life easier.
  • Measuring equipment – Baking requires precise measurements, so it is worthwhile to invest in quality measuring cups for both wet and dry ingredients.  You will also need to purchase accurate measuring spoons for small amounts of liquid or solid ingredients.
  • Mixing Bowl – Buying a mixing bowl that is deep and that you can work with comfortably will make mixing ingredients much easier.  Look for one that has a handle to help you hold on to the bowl while you mix and a pouring spout that allows you to easily fill pans.
  • Silicon Spatula – A good quality spatula is a baking tool that will help you get all of the batter out of the pan and can even be used for icing baked goods.  The handle should fit comfortably in your hand to prevent fatigue.
  • Electric Mixer – If you plan to do a great deal of baking, an electric mixer will save your hands and back.  Many types of icing can be made in just seconds with an electric mixer rather than several minutes of hand beating. 
  • Icing Bag and Tips – While plastic bags can be convenient for icing, purchasing good quality icing bags will make it easier to work and you can re-use the bags again and again.  A wide selection of tips will make it easier to create the decoration ideas you have in mind.

Best baking tools for baking cupcakes - cupcake baking panPurchasing good quality tools for baking cupcakes will ensure that your baking tools will grow as your skills improve. 

If you plan to bake very often, you will find that poor quality products cause frustration and less than perfect results.

Looking for cupcake recipes? Visit our webshop if you are looking for quality baking tools.

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Making life sweeter with cupcakes and other sweets


Cupcakes, a sweet dessert

Girl eating cupcake - making life sweeterMany of us spend so much time worrying about how to eat healthier and avoid any food that may be “bad” for us that we sometimes forget what the goal of living a healthy lifestyle is – to be happier! 

While no one will argue that eating nothing but sweets is a terrible idea, it is also impossible to argue with the way enjoying a sweet treat makes us feel. 

Whether it is a decadent dessert or just a small treat to give yourself a “pick me up” in the middle of the day, sweets are more important than you might think.

Next time you look at the food pyramid, check out the top tier.  It’s made up of “bad” foods like fat and sugar.  If these foods are so “bad”, why do they appear on the food pyramid?  The answer is that although the foods should be eaten in moderation, they aren’t bad for you. 

Like most things in life, too many sweets can be very bad for you.  But the food pyramid doesn’t tell you to cut out these foods completely.  Not only are sweets not bad for you, they have a proven positive effect on your body.

Women eating cupcakes - making life sweaterResearch has shown that there are a number of reasons that sweet foods are so important.  First, foods that contain sugar give us a mood boost, something that we can all use. 

Unlike most other chemicals that boost our moods, sugar is all natural and doesn’t have harmful effects on the body.  Because dessert is something you should enjoy in moderation, it can put a smile on your face when you stop for a favorite sweet when you are feeling down or to reward yourself. 

Whether you love ice cream or cheesecake, enjoying a small portion of your favorite sweet is an important way to treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.

Enjoying sweets is also important because of what it does for us as people.  Think about the last gathering you went to – a wedding, graduation, anniversary, or birthday.  What was the main attraction at all of those events? 

Most likely, it was a sweet dessert like a cake, cupcakes, cookies, or other delicious confections.  Enjoying sugary treats together is one of the ways that we bond with other people.  It isn’t just eating sweets; the very act of cooking these treats can also create memories. 

Think of baking cookies or making cupcakes with a parent or grandparent and you will understand how baking can create the great memories that make sweets so important.

Mother baking cupcakes with childrenTaking time to enjoy eating treats is about more than just relishing the flavor of a tasty dessert – it is about slowing down and enjoying the good things in life. 

We spend so much time looking for the big keys to happiness that they often forget that it is the small things that truly make life fun.  Spend a few minutes to enjoy dessert with a friend, bake cookies with a child, or surprise someone special with a home baked treat and you will find out that sweets are a simple way to be happy now.

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Cupcake Wars – Flavors and cupcake recipes


Have a great time with your own Cupcake Wars event and cupcake recipes!

If you are like millions of fans, you’ve become addicted to the television show “Cupcake Wars”.  On the show, chefs from all levels of ability compete for a cash prize by baking and decorating their most amazing cupcake creations.  Chefs are challenged to create cupcakes with unusual flavors and decoration themes, ranging from cupcakes that represent SeaWorld to a Hard Rock Café episode.  The challenges get more difficult as the teams are reduced from four to two who compete in a final challenge to create a massive display holding one thousand cupcakes.  The winner gets the prize and the glory of being a champion cupcake maker. 

Woman is baking cupcakesWhile you may not have a good reason to create a massive showpiece holding a thousand cupcakes, the good news is that it is surprisingly simple to create cupcakes like the ones on the TV show Cupcake Wars with your own cupcake recipes.  The baking tools, tips, and cupcake recipes you need are all available online, and creating cupcakes is one of the least expensive hobbies you can possibly have. 

To create “Cupcake Wars” style cupcakes, start by experimenting with cake flavors and cupcake recipes.  Having a few staple go-to cupcake recipes is great for when you want to whip up a batch that you know will taste great, but try challenging yourself.  You can get ideas from the show, and try to create great tasting cupcakes out of some of the more unusual elements that the bakers on Cupcake Wars use. 

Next, try the same thing with frosting recipes.  Create different types of frosting- whipped, royal, buttercream, etc- and add unique flavors to them and try them out with some of the unusual cupcake recipes you have tried.  Come up with something that is unusual and delicious that you can consider your “signature cupcake”.  You may also want to try creating filled cupcakes like many of the Cupcake Wars bakers do- fill your cupcake with a different flavor of frosting, fruit, chocolate mousse, or anything else that sounds great. 

Nice cupcakes with colors red and blueNow comes the fun part- decorating.  Think of a themed event that you could create cupcakes for.  It doesn’t have to be as over the top as the Cupcake Wars events, but even a child’s pirate or puppy themed birthday party or a baby shower can be the perfect inspiration to help you come up with unique cupcake decoration ideas.  Watch what the bakers on the show do- they try to come up with unique cupcake decorations that show off their talent, but they also try to find decorating ideas that can be done quickly.  This is the most fun part of the cupcake baking experience, so really go wild with decorations.  You can find many decoration ideas online, ranging from cupcake wrappers to pre-made icing decorations and even books that will give you more ideas.

Finish your at-home cupcake wars with a fabulous display for your cupcakes.  You don’t have to create a life-sized tree or pink Cadillac to show off your creations, but try to think of a fun way to display them.  You can find many types of cupcake trees, tiered cake stands, and many other ways to display cupcakes online.  Whatever you do, be sure to have a great time with your own Cupcake Wars event.

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Cupcake decorating ideas

Flipping Book


Discover cupcake decorations!

Turn the pages and discover beautiful decorated cupcakes!

Decorated cupcakes are one of the hottest trends on the dessert scene.


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Decorating cupcakes


Amazing decorated cupcakes

We found these amazing videos on Youtube. Valuable information for baking and decorating cupcakes at home with easy cupcake recipes, frosting recipes and basic baking tools!

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