Cupcake baking magazines


Baking and cooking magazines & cupcake recipe ideas

Decorated cupcakes in a storeIf you are like most bakers, chances are you have a shelf full of cookbooks that are full of recipes for your favorite cupcakes.  But while cookbooks provide you with some go-to recipe ideas, they quickly become outdated in terms of the latest trends in baking.  That’s where baking and cooking magazines come in- they provide you with the latest ideas for decorating cupcakes, provide inspiration for new flavor combinations, and even let you peek into other bakeries to see what they are creating.   Just like fashion magazines provide inspiration for designers, baking and cooking magazines are the perfect way for you to stay inspired when it comes to your favorite hobby.

There are different types of baking and cooking magazines, and the right ones for you will depend on what type of baking you plan to do.  For bakers who simply want to create fantastic cupcakes for their friends and family at home and don’t plan on doing large scale baking, magazines like Cooking with Paula Deen provide great cupcake and dessert recipes along with other delicious meals that you can create right at home.  This type of all purpose magazine will let you see what a celebrity chef like Paula Deen is creating, keeping you on track with some of the trends among big-name chefs. 

There are also a number of magazines aimed at people who are trying to create healthier meals for their family or who need to follow a specific diet, such as Diabetic Cooking magazine.  In addition to great tasting meals, there are low sugar and no-sugar recipes for pastries, including cakes, cupcakes, and much more.  Even families who do not have a diabetic to cook for will enjoy adding these healthier options into their recipe box. 

Cupcake bking magazines - woman and child bakingAnother option for home chefs that are interested primarily in baking is American Cake Decorating Magazine.  This magazine covers the latest trends in cake decorating, ranging from the most elegant wedding cakes to the trendiest cupcakes anywhere.  Features about award winning pastry chefs and decorators might just inspire you to turn your hobby into a profession- or at least try out something new at home!

For bakers who have their own cupcake business or who are planning to open a bakery of their own, there are a number of industry specific magazines that provide bakery owners with the latest technology, recipes, decorating trends, and even business advice that can help beginners or veterans build their business.  Baking Buyer has information about suppliers, seminars, and the hottest manufacturers along with recipe ideas and products and services aimed at cupcake makers. 

Baking and Snack International provides information about all things grain-related, and is a great resource for those running larger bakeries.  Milling and Baking News is an industry specific newsletter that covers news from all through the baking industry.  Other industry specific magazines include Baking + Biscuit and Developments in Flour Milling and Baking.  All of these are a valuable resource to bakers.  While baking magazines serve as inspiration for cupcake decorators, these industry magazines are a valuable way to stay up to date about the latest changes in the industry.

Baking and cooking magazines can become an addiction- finding new ideas and great products every time you turn a page can turn even an occasional baker into a baking fanatic.  Whether you simply love to create new cupcakes for your family or you are part of a large bakery, baking and cooking magazines will soon become your favorite reading material.

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Cupcake decorating with edible flowers


Decorating cupcakes with edible flowers

Edible flowersAs any cupcake decorator knows, there are dozens of ways to create edible flowers from frosting or candy, and these flowers can make a stunning addition to cupcakes.  But did you know that there are also many edible real flowers that can be used as a stunning addition to cupcakes? 

Before you head out to the garden and start picking your favorite blossoms, there are a few things that you need to know about decorating cupcakes with edible flowers.  However, for bakers who want to be at the head of the latest trend in decorating pastries of all types, edible flowers are the hottest trend on the market. 

Decorated cupcake with edible flowerThe first thing you should know about decorating with edible flowers is that not all flowers can, or should, be used on cakes.  There are certain varieties, such as wisteria and daylilies, which are toxic and should never be used on a cupcake because they can make anyone who eats them ill.  If these are your favorite flowers, look for ways to recreate them in frosting or use silk flowers.  There are also some flowers that are not toxic but should not be eaten.  These flowers can be displayed on a cupcake, but should be removed before eating them. 

Finally, there are a large number of different edible flowers that can be used fresh or crystallized on your cupcakes.  The list of flowers that are edible is large, and includes many favorites like roses, violets, and pansies.  Adding edible flowers to a cupcake is a very modern touch that is showing up at some of the biggest cake events in the country. 

Before you pick up a bunch of flowers at the florist and begin adding them to your cupcakes, keep in mind that not all flowers are grown organically and not all are cleaned in the same way that food items would be.  If you want to use edible flowers on your cupcakes, the best choice are organic flowers that have not been treated with potentially dangerous pesticides or chemicals. 

While you can purchase these flowers from a florist or specialty shop, a better option is to try growing them yourself.  You can purchase kits that allow you to grow a specific variety of flower right in your own home.  Not only is the finished product a beautiful addition to your cupcake, growing the flowers in your kitchen adds a sunny touch to your décor.  A few options for growing your own edible flowers for cupcake decorating are here:

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If you are not quite ready to try fresh edible flowers for cupcake decorating, you can use crystallized flowers.  These are real flowers which have been specially treated to last for months, look beautiful, and taste delicious.  You can purchase individual petals or whole flowers that are pre-packaged and ready to use right away.  These flowers have a unique texture and color that will instantly add a distinctive touch to any cupcake, and the decorations taste great.  A few options for bakers who want to try out crystallized edible flowers are:

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Decorating cupcakes with edible flowers is a surefire way to get people “oohing and aahhing” over your creations.  Edible flowers are ideal for birthday cupcakes, wedding and shower cupcakes, and even baby shower cupcakes.  They can also be one of the easiest and fastest ways to create the elegant cupcakes you’ve been dreaming of.

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Cupcake decorating with electronic fondant cutters


Electronic Fondant Cutters – decorate dozens of cupcakes

Electronic fondant cutter is a nice baking tool to create unique cupcakesFor years, scrapbookers have enjoyed the ability to cut shapes, letters, and even lace out of paper using electronic cutting machines.  As interest in cake and cupcake decorating continues to grow, companies that make these cutting machines have created electronic fondant cutters designed to cut precise designs out of fondant that you can then use on your cupcakes and cakes.  The machines make working with notoriously difficult fondant a little easier, and allow you to create anything you can imagine. 

Electronic fondant cutters work by using a small blade, like an Exacto knife, to cut designs into a sheet of fondant.  Most machines work using cartridges, so there is no need to attach them to a computer or work with frosting in your home office. 

Instead, you can bring electronic fondant cutters right to the kitchen where you can create designs as you bake.  While they are often called “electronic fondant cutters”, these machines can work with other types of decorating material such as gum paste to create elaborate designs. 

The fondant used in electronic fondant cutters is a little different than rolled fondant, which is used to drape over cakes.  You will need to ensure that the fondant you use in your electronic fondant cutters is the right thickness- too thin and it will tear, too thick and it might not cut correctly. There is a learning curve. It will work once you figure out the right consistency. But the good news is that you can use purchased, pre-made fondant, home made fondant, or you can purchase ready-made fondant sheets that are made specifically for use in an electronic fondant cutter.

Once you have an electronic fondant cutter, you may wonder what you can do with it.  When it comes to creating unique, beautiful cupcakes, the answer is nearly anything you can imagine.  You may want to start by looking at pictures of cakes that use fondant to see how other decorators use this medium.  An electronic fondant cutter allows you to select a design, and then create it in a variety of sizes from tiny to large. 

Simple designs such as creating cupcakes with an initial for each guest are an easy way to make a big impact, and the result is very modern.  Other choices include simple geometric designs.  You may also want to look at scrapbook sites for inspiration, as techniques such as paper piecing to come up with unusual designs.

Another great tool for anyone interested in electronic fondant cutters are ready made cartridge design sets.  These cartridges are made specifically for cakes and cupcakes, and come with a set of images along with an instructional guide that tells you how to create a specific design.  Using this type of cartridge set can be a great way to have a design that you can use again and again. 

One of the best reasons to use an electronic fondant cutter is that it allows you to decorate dozens of cupcakes using fondant without requiring you to spend hours cutting out intricate designs. 

The most popular electronic fondant cutter is made by Cricut, who has created cartridges, trays, and other parts designed specifically for use with food.  This machine is ideal for a number of uses because you can switch from cake to paper and back easily.  You can purchase the machine alone or as part of a cake decorating bundle. 

There is also a Martha Stewart edition that includes designs from the original cupcake doyenne.  This versatile tool will quickly become a favorite part of your cupcake arsenal.

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Cupcake decorating with airbrush techniques


Airbrushing is one of the most fun methods for cupcake decorating

Cupcake decorating with airbrush techniques - decorated cupcakesOne of the most enjoyable parts of baking cupcakes is cupcake decorating, and there are more methods for decorating than ever before.  Airbrush cupcake decorating is pure fun- while an airbrush tool is generally known for spraying paint, or even makeup, the tool is ideal for creating unique cupcake designs.  The airbrush itself is simple, it is a tool that looks much like a pen with a trigger, and air and ink travel through the airbrush, depositing in on the surface of your cupcake. 

The neat part of using an airbrush is that it can deposit more than one color, allowing you to create cupcake designs that wouldn’t be possible with any other tool.  As far as creating cupcakes that have a professional touch, using an airbrush is one of the best tools you can buy, and it’s easier than you may think! 

There are a number of airbrushes that are designed specifically for use on cakes and cupcakes.  Obviously, you would not want to use a cake decorating airbrush for any other purpose (such as applying paint) due to sanitary concerns.  Cupcake decorators love airbrushes because they provide decoration without drying the cupcake, adding weight, or changing the texture of the frosting. 

Airbrushes are also ideal for anyone who regularly creates large numbers of cupcakes because they can be used to cover large surfaces and then be adjusted to create small details.  Learning how to airbrush requires some practice, which you can accomplish by practicing on cardboard, paper, or even plexiglass that can be washed and re-used as you practice. 

There are also websites and cupcake decorating classes designed specifically for teaching you how to create beautiful decorations with an airbrush.  If you are ready to try decorating cupcakes with an airbrush, the following are a few products that will help you get started:

  • Cupcake decorating airbrush kitAn all-in-one kit is the simplest way to get started because it contains everything you need to begin creating right away.  One option is the Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit that contains a dual-action gravity feed airbrush, a trigger style gravity feed airbrush, a maintenance-free air compressor, and twelve bottles of airbrush food colors.  The kit contains detailed instructions about how to use the airbrush and decorating tips.  The kit is a great all-purpose tool for anyone interested in airbrush cupcake decorating.
  • Cupcake Decorating Airbrush KitA more sophisticated all-in-one kit is ideal for those who plan to decorate large numbers of cupcakes.  The Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit with 24 Amerimist Food Colors and TC-20T Air Compressor is designed for professionals, but is affordable enough for home cupcake decorators.  The kit contains twenty four colors, two different airbrushes, a compressor with air tank, two hose, and a hose splitter.  The kit is versatile; allowing decorators to try anything from “fades” which is when one color is gradually combined with another to create an eye catching blend of colors, to detail work that can be used for creating even small patterns.
  • Cupcake decorating airbrush kit with food colors and toolsA good combination of price and performance is the Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit with 12 Food Colors, TC-20 Tankless Air Compressor, G22 Airbrush, 50 Piece Tool and Caddy Cake Decorating Kit, and Wilton 2011 Yearbook.  The kit includes everything you need to get started, along with lots of ideas about the designs that can be created with airbrushing.

Airbrushing is one of the most fun methods for cupcake decorating, and you may be surprised at how quickly you can master the technique.  A cupcake airbrushing kit is an ideal way to express your creativity while creating beautiful, professional cupcakes, cakes , cookies, and more.

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Cupcake decorating with fondant


Fondant is the best way to create the designer cupcakes

Fondant is one of the most versatile and modern cupcake decorating mediums on the market, and adding fondant designs to cupcakes allows you to create anything from smooth, elegant wedding cupcakes to the cutest baby shower and birthday cupcakes.  However, many bakers and cupcake decorators are a little intimidated by fondant. 

Cupcake decorating with fondantFondant has an undeserved reputation for being tricky to work with, but amateur bakers who experiment with fondant are almost always pleased with the results of their efforts- a gorgeous, satin finish that can’t be created with any other type of icing and designs that cannot be replicated with any other method.

The reason that many bakers are intimidated by fondant is that it can not only be a little tricky to work with, it can also be somewhat expensive.  If you choose to use pre-made fondant (a good idea for beginners), the cost may be a little scary.  However, if you shop carefully, you can often find pre-made fondant sold by the pound at a reasonable price. 

A pound of fondant is enough to cover about twenty cupcakes, so if you plan to make cupcakes, you’ll need to figure out how much fondant you need.  The other problem that many bakers see with pre-made fondant is the flavor.  Fondant that is pre-made doesn’t always taste as good as freshly made fondant.  Satin Ice is great to work with and it tastes amazing! It’s a little more sticky than other types of fondant.

However, there are ways to create a delicious flavor even with pre-made fondant, primarily by adding flavorings as you work with it.  If you choose to use pre-made fondant, just be creative and don’t be afraid to taste.  Once you have worked with fondant, you may decide that you love it and want to find out how to make fresh fondant.  The fondant recipe is a little more complicated than other icing recipes, but yields delicious and beautiful results.

Cupcake decorating with pink fondantThe most important thing to remember when working with fondant- and when you are creating cupcakes in general- is that you should aim for having fun, not for being perfect.  Some people get stressed out when trying fondant because they wait until a major event such as a birthday party or wedding to try it out.  You’ll have more fun and get better results if you experiment before your high-pressure event.  Creating cupcakes with fondant can be fun and easy if you practice a little before any big events.

Now that you are ready to try decorating with fondant, there are a few things that will make working with fondant a little easier.  Each individual fondant recipe will vary slightly, but these tips will work for most recipes. 

First, ensure that your hands are clean and greased before you try to work with fondant.  Working with fondant is much like working with bread dough- you will need to knead it and work with it to warm it and make it pliable before you start creating designs.  Be sure that your surface is clean and completely free of any debris. 

Work slowly, and don’t be afraid to try again.  If you are covering cupcakes with fondant, you will want to roll fondant out to be fairly thin, as thick fondant may not taste good or look appealing, and people may peel it off rather than eating it.  Start experimenting with different techniques, and taking a class or watching videos that highlight fondant techniques will help you get the hang of things.

Working with fondant is the best way to create the designer cupcakes you have seen in magazines and on television.  While the technique may have a reputation for being tricky, it simply takes a little practice.  Start by working with premade fondant and getting ideas from magazines and websites, and you’ll feel like a pro in no time!

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Cupcake decorating with edible images


Cupcake decorating with edible, printable designs

Printer to decorate cupcakesCupcake decorating – You may have seen cakes and cupcakes that feature highly detailed designs or even photos that look almost as if they have been printed right onto the frosting.  While edible photos and paper have been offered for some time in bakeries, many cupcake decorators wonder how they can create the same effect at home.   Today’s edible paper and ink make it possible to create printed, edible designs right in your own home! 

The uses for edible images are endless- add now and then photos to birthday cupcakes, include pictures of the bride and groom on a wedding cake, add your child’s favorite character to cupcakes, create complex designs to add to any cupcake, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Edible ink cartridges for cupcake decorating with printerWhen you think of a printer, you probably think of something that churns out documents at work or prints pictures at home, but you’ve probably never considered the idea that a printer can be a delicious way to add beautiful designs to your cupcakes.  Decorating cupcakes is one of the hottest trends among home bakers and professional bakeries, and printer manufacturers have responded by creating edible ink and paper that is affordable even for home use.

Using  a printer to create edible images has many applications for your cupcakes.  You can add precise, accurate logos, characters, and even pictures to cupcakes far more quickly than drawing those items by hand or creating them with color flow, royal icing, or fondant. 

Cupcake decorating with printable frosting sheetsIf you want a traditional look for your cupcakes but are unsure about your decorating abilities, edible printed cupcake designs are the answer.  Simply print any design, no matter how complicated, and place it on your cupcake.  Then, use your favorite icing to trace the image, creating the look of an intricately designed cupcake design far more easily than ever before.

Once you have added the edible ink and icing sheet, creating designs becomes easy.  You can use any photo or graphics software that you choose to create images, you can use images that you download online, or you can create a group of photos to create a cupcake collage. 

Make the most of every sheet by filling it with images, and then start trying different techniques.  Whether you are a professional baker, an aspiring bakery owner, or simply a mom or dad who loves to create special baked goods for their family, edible printed images are a great way to take your decorating to a whole new level.

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Experimenting with cupcake recipes


Experimenting with cupcake recipes and flavors

Cupcakes - experimenting with cupcake recipesChances are, you have a few favorite cupcake recipes that you turn to each time you want to make a batch of treats for friends and family members.  While there is something to be said for old favorites, the best way to really enjoy your hobby is to start experimenting with cupcake recipes. 

By coming up with different cupcake recipes and flavor combinations, you will keep your family excited as they try out your new creations.  While it doesn’t mean throwing out your old cookbooks and cupcake recipes, you may just find that experimenting with cupcake recipes allows you to create that “signature cupcake recipe” you have always wanted!

Before you start trying to invent new cupcake recipes from scratch, you should understand the basics of cupcake recipes.  To create your own unique cupcake, you don’t have to completely re-invent cupcake recipes.  Instead, you can simply make changes to a cupcake recipe you already love. 

The key to coming up with cupcake recipes is being willing to experiment a little- and to have some truly disastrous results!  While there are things that may sound good, they may not taste quite as yummy when you bake them.  Don’t be discouraged- every great recipe has come at the expense of many more failed attempts. 

To create a unique cupcake recipe, start by thinking about flavors that you really enjoy together.  Remember, the cake itself is only part of the cupcake recipe- experiment with fillings and frostings to come up with a complete recipe. 

yellow cupcake - experimenting with cupcake recipesOne of the best ways of experimenting with cupcake recipes is to try different fillings to find out which ones taste the best with your favorite cake recipe.  The goal of trying out different cupcake recipes is to combine tastes that may be unexpected- for example, if you love the flavor of cheese filled Danishes, why not adapt that to a cupcake recipe with a sweet cake and cheese cake filling? 

Of course, you may want to experiment with the cake recipes themselves.  One of the major trends in cooking right now is to add savory ingredients to cupcakes to create unexpected flavors.  Shows such as “Cupcake Wars” have featured contestants who are challenged to use traditional ingredients in cupcakes to create unexpected- and delicious- flavor combinations. 

Baking isn’t a science where you have to get everything right- it should be fun, and experimenting with recipes is one of the best ways to have fun while you bake.  Try out different flavors such as spices mixed to create your own version of a spice cake, chocolate combined with unexpected fillings, or traditional cake flavors mixed with nontraditional fillings.

well decorated cupcake experimented cupcake recipesWhile some of your experiments may not turn out quite the way you intended them to, remember that each one can teach you something.  Learn from your cupcake recipe experiments, and find ways to improve your cupcake baking skills. 

When you create a successful new cupcake recipe, be sure to write it down!  You may even want to take pictures to create your own cookbook, helping you record some of your greatest creations.  Baking cupcakes is a fun hobby, so try something new tonight and enjoy the fun of experimenting with cupcake recipes.

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Gourmet Chocolate Cupcakes with Belgian Chocolate


Baking Gourmet Chocolate Cupcakes with Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate cupcake recipe with Belgian choclateBelgian chocolate is the gourmet standard in the world of chocolate, and the recipe for creating pure Belgian chocolate is one that has often been copied but has never been reproduced exactly.  Even Swiss chocolate, considered to be some of the best chocolate in the world, is created using a variation of the recipe perfected by Belgian chocolate makers. 

Whether you are a chocolate lover searching for the ultimate in chocolate flavor or a baker who wants to create the ultimate in rich, chocolaty cake, baking gourmet chocolate cupcakes with Belgian chocolate will be one of the tastiest experiments you will ever try. 

Belgian chocolate is prized because of the high quality ingredients used to create it, along with the old-world manufacturing process that is required.  Belgian chocolate is still made by hand, usually in small shops or factories that use equipment that has been around for decades.  Tourists who visit Belgium often stop at shops to take tours, attend chocolate tastings, and purchase souvenirs.  

In the baking world, Belgian chocolate cake is considered to be a gourmet dessert, and is often served at high end bakeries and restaurants.  Belgian chocolate cake has been served at the weddings and events of some of Europe’s most well known royalty, and thanks to its moist texture and rich flavor, Belgian chocolate cupcakes make an ideal treat at luxurious events everywhere. 

Cupcakes baked with Belgian Chocolate - chocolate cupcake recipesThe soft aroma of white and milk chocolate goes well with young, even a bit sour, wine. To serve something new without risks, try a white Burgundy or a Muscat. The strong taste of dark chocolate goes well with older wines.

Due to the expense of manufacturing true Belgian chocolate, purchasing Belgian chocolate powder is more expensive than the traditional cocoa powder that is used in most recipes.  However, purchasing Belgian chocolate powder is an investment that will pay off in flavor!

While there are several companies that offer a “Belgian chocolate powder”, there are only a few that use genuine Belgian chocolate.  To truly enjoy the gourmet flavor of Belgian chocolate, you will want to ensure that you are buying a powder that is made using true Belgian processes. 

Cooks Illustrated Magazine declared Callebaut-Dutch Processed 100% Cacao to be the best product on the market.  The product is made with pure cacao, and is created using the same old-world techniques that make Belgian chocolate so rich and flavorful.

When you purchase Belgian chocolate powder, you aren’t limited to creating cakes and cupcakes.  True chocolate lovers will find that this gourmet chocolate product can be used in a number of applications.  Hot chocolate, ice cream, mousse, crèmes, and puddings can all be created with this versatile flavoring.  The product is designed to work with either hot or cold products, but is particularly notable for the ease with which it combines with flour for baking. 

Creating gourmet chocolate cupcakes with Belgian chocolate doesn’t have to be limited to just chocolate cake.  The powder is perfect for frostings and icings, and makes delicious chocolate fillings as well.  Cupcakes created using Belgian chocolate will stand out from those created with other types of chocolate due to their unmistakably gourmet chocolate flavor.  If you are ready to try creating gourmet chocolate cupcakes, give Belgian chocolate a try.

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Fruit Cupcake Recipes


Fruit cupcake recipes – try out your own fruit cupcake recipe ideas!

Fruit cupcakes on a plate - fruit cupcake recipeFruit cupcake recipes are very popular. While traditional cupcake flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and even red velvet or spice cupcake are a treat that everyone can enjoy, some cooks love trying out new fruit cupcake recipe ideas. 

Creating a unique fruit cupcake is the perfect treat for every event from spring time tea parties to summer picnics.  While a fruit cupcake still satisfies your desire for something sweet, it also provides a refreshing flavor that you will enjoy during warm weather or as an unexpected compliment to your meal. 

You’ll find basic cupcake recipes on our page. The following are a few combinations that you can try to make your own fruit cupcake recipe:

  • Orange fruit cupcake recipe: Orange cupcake with orange frosting – Use orange rind or natural orange flavoring in both the cupcake and frosting, and you’ll have the perfect fruit cupcake for enjoying at brunches.  Whether you want to create a girls only brunch and serve orange cupcakes along with mimosas or you are looking for the perfect compliment to a meal that includes an orange sauce, orange cupcakes are a tasty treat.
  • Banana fruit cupcake recipe: You can create a fruit cupcake that includes a traditional flavor along with a fruit topping or side.  Consider a chocolate cupcake that features a banana frosting and banana chips placed on the top for decoration.  This tasty combo is a kid favorite, but also makes a rich finish to a meal or a perfect stand-alone treat.
  • Raspberry fruit cupcake recipe: Another fruit cupcake combo that is surprisingly delicious is white chocolate cupcakes with a raspberry filling and raspberry frosting.  You can take the theme one step further by adding a raspberry to the top of each cupcake.
  • Lemon fruit cupcake recipe: For a truly unique fruit cupcake, consider creating an Arnold Palmer cupcake.  Start by creating a tea cupcake (you’ll find numerous recipes online), and then topping it with a light lemon frosting and decorating with lemon zest.  These are the perfect treat to accompany summer barbecues.
  • Apple fruit cupcake recipe: The taste of apple pie translates easily to a fruit cupcake.  Create a cake using a spice mix, add cinnamon and small chunks of apple, then top the cupcake with a cream cheese frosting flavored with natural applesauce.
  • Watermelon fruit cupcake recipe: Creating a watermelon cupcake provides some fun options for decorating and is a great summer treat.  You can add watermelon flavor to a basic cake recipe, then create richly flavored watermelon frosting.  These cupcakes are ideal served with a sherbet during your outdoor gathering.
  • Create a non-traditional cupcake by using banana bread as the cake, then filling with cream cheese and topping with a cream cheese frosting.  Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on top of the cupcake for a beautiful finish.
  • Strawberry fruit cupcake recipe: Strawberry shortcake is the perfect inspiration for a fruit cupcake.  Use a strawberry cupcake, and then top with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.
  • Caramel apple cupcake recipe: A warm caramel apple cupcake is the ideal winter treat.  Create an apple and spice cake cupcake, and then top with vanilla frosting.  Drizzle caramel over the top, and serve with warm apple cider for the ultimate comfort food dessert.
  • Pina Colada cupcake recipe: A Pina Colada cupcake is a fun treat to enjoy with grilled food with a Mexican flair.  Create a lime fruit cupcake, top with a coconut frosting and a wedge of fresh lime.  Serve with Pina coladas or your favorite Mexican beer.

Fruit cupcakes grouped - fruit cupcake recipeThere are an endless variety of fruit cupcake recipe ideas, and many of them are inspired by your favorite fruit desserts.  Be creative, and see if you can come up with your own fruit cupcake recipe combination. Preferably use fresh fruit to decorate the cupcakes but you can also use canned fruit.  

I would recommend serving your fruit cupcakes in a stunning cupcake wrapper. Combine your fruit cupcake with a fresh mixed summer fruit salad and a few fresh mint leaves as colorful addition (blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, cherries, passion fruit, coconut, kiwi, …). It takes a little bit imagination to create gourmet masterpieces.

Fruit cupcakes baked

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Cupcake baking problems


Common cupcake baking problems and solutions

Tower of cupcakes - cupcake baking problemsCupcake baking problems? When the cupcake batter is substantial or copious due to the addition of other flavorings, such as chocolate, the cupcakes can collapse when they come out of the oven because the cupcakes are not done. When this happens, let the cupcakes bake a few more minutes in the oven.

If you still have this problem, your oven may not be hot enough. Check the temperature of your oven with an oven thermometer. Try the conventional stand of the oven instead the fan stand. Another approach is to shorten the mixing time of the batter. If you also add fruit at the batter, use a little bit more flour and don’t mix too long. Rub the fruit with flour before adding to the batter to prevent sinking.

If the cupcakes are rising too high and they protrude above the cups, put less batter into the cupcake baking cups, use less baking powder or reduce the temperature of the oven. If the top of the cupcake cracks, lower the temperature of the oven and don’t use upper heating of the oven. The cupcake cracks because the top “crust” is already baked, but the dough is still rising inside and that “pushes” the dough up so that the typical break in the crust appears. This is a typical cupcake baking problem.

If you don’t mix baking powder and flour very well, the top of the cupcake will rise too high. Sift the ingredients together before adding to the batter. Too high temperature of the oven or too much baking soda can also cause this problem. Use baking powder or baking soda to make your cupcakes softer.

If you stir the batter too much or too little, the cupcake will not rise. By stirring, air comes into the batter. If you stir too little, the batter doesn’t incorporate air.  If you stir the batter too much, the egg whites can no longer hold air. Don’t mix longer than four minutes. Just mix until you can no longer see flour streaks. If you overmix the batter, this makes your final product dense and causes flat cupcakes. Be sure that the temperature of the oven is high enough to make the cupcakes rise. If you open the oven door while baking occurs, the cupcakes can also collapse.

When the cupcakes are cooling on the rack, it must be at room temperature. Cupcakes that come into contact with cool or cold air straight from the oven tend to collapse.

The cupcakes will not rise if you use old baking powder or low temperature. Always use fresh ingredients. Check the expiration date of your ingredients. Ingredient temperature is also very important when you make the batter.

Child stirring in a bowl with momIf you can’t stir the egg white stiff or the egg white collapses, add a pinch of salt before stirring the egg white. Then stir in the sugar gradually. Otherwise you risk the egg white collapsing again. Use fresh eggs. All equipment must be absolutely clean and degreased. A bowl of glass or stainless steel is the best for stirring egg whites.

In addition, salt stimulates the receptors in the tongue so that tastes are enhanced. In many cake recipes, salt is added as a flavor enhancer to strengthen the sweet taste of sugar.

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