Cupcake baking problems


Common cupcake baking problems and solutions

Tower of cupcakes - cupcake baking problemsCupcake baking problems? When the cupcake batter is substantial or copious due to the addition of other flavorings, such as chocolate, the cupcakes can collapse when they come out of the oven because the cupcakes are not done. When this happens, let the cupcakes bake a few more minutes in the oven.

If you still have this problem, your oven may not be hot enough. Check the temperature of your oven with an oven thermometer. Try the conventional stand of the oven instead the fan stand. Another approach is to shorten the mixing time of the batter. If you also add fruit at the batter, use a little bit more flour and don’t mix too long. Rub the fruit with flour before adding to the batter to prevent sinking.

If the cupcakes are rising too high and they protrude above the cups, put less batter into the cupcake baking cups, use less baking powder or reduce the temperature of the oven. If the top of the cupcake cracks, lower the temperature of the oven and don’t use upper heating of the oven. The cupcake cracks because the top “crust” is already baked, but the dough is still rising inside and that “pushes” the dough up so that the typical break in the crust appears. This is a typical cupcake baking problem.

If you don’t mix baking powder and flour very well, the top of the cupcake will rise too high. Sift the ingredients together before adding to the batter. Too high temperature of the oven or too much baking soda can also cause this problem. Use baking powder or baking soda to make your cupcakes softer.

If you stir the batter too much or too little, the cupcake will not rise. By stirring, air comes into the batter. If you stir too little, the batter doesn’t incorporate air.  If you stir the batter too much, the egg whites can no longer hold air. Don’t mix longer than four minutes. Just mix until you can no longer see flour streaks. If you overmix the batter, this makes your final product dense and causes flat cupcakes. Be sure that the temperature of the oven is high enough to make the cupcakes rise. If you open the oven door while baking occurs, the cupcakes can also collapse.

When the cupcakes are cooling on the rack, it must be at room temperature. Cupcakes that come into contact with cool or cold air straight from the oven tend to collapse.

The cupcakes will not rise if you use old baking powder or low temperature. Always use fresh ingredients. Check the expiration date of your ingredients. Ingredient temperature is also very important when you make the batter.

Child stirring in a bowl with momIf you can’t stir the egg white stiff or the egg white collapses, add a pinch of salt before stirring the egg white. Then stir in the sugar gradually. Otherwise you risk the egg white collapsing again. Use fresh eggs. All equipment must be absolutely clean and degreased. A bowl of glass or stainless steel is the best for stirring egg whites.

In addition, salt stimulates the receptors in the tongue so that tastes are enhanced. In many cake recipes, salt is added as a flavor enhancer to strengthen the sweet taste of sugar.

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