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Decorated cupcakes in a storeIf you are like most bakers, chances are you have a shelf full of cookbooks that are full of recipes for your favorite cupcakes.  But while cookbooks provide you with some go-to recipe ideas, they quickly become outdated in terms of the latest trends in baking.  That’s where baking and cooking magazines come in- they provide you with the latest ideas for decorating cupcakes, provide inspiration for new flavor combinations, and even let you peek into other bakeries to see what they are creating.   Just like fashion magazines provide inspiration for designers, baking and cooking magazines are the perfect way for you to stay inspired when it comes to your favorite hobby.

There are different types of baking and cooking magazines, and the right ones for you will depend on what type of baking you plan to do.  For bakers who simply want to create fantastic cupcakes for their friends and family at home and don’t plan on doing large scale baking, magazines like Cooking with Paula Deen provide great cupcake and dessert recipes along with other delicious meals that you can create right at home.  This type of all purpose magazine will let you see what a celebrity chef like Paula Deen is creating, keeping you on track with some of the trends among big-name chefs. 

There are also a number of magazines aimed at people who are trying to create healthier meals for their family or who need to follow a specific diet, such as Diabetic Cooking magazine.  In addition to great tasting meals, there are low sugar and no-sugar recipes for pastries, including cakes, cupcakes, and much more.  Even families who do not have a diabetic to cook for will enjoy adding these healthier options into their recipe box. 

Cupcake bking magazines - woman and child bakingAnother option for home chefs that are interested primarily in baking is American Cake Decorating Magazine.  This magazine covers the latest trends in cake decorating, ranging from the most elegant wedding cakes to the trendiest cupcakes anywhere.  Features about award winning pastry chefs and decorators might just inspire you to turn your hobby into a profession- or at least try out something new at home!

For bakers who have their own cupcake business or who are planning to open a bakery of their own, there are a number of industry specific magazines that provide bakery owners with the latest technology, recipes, decorating trends, and even business advice that can help beginners or veterans build their business.  Baking Buyer has information about suppliers, seminars, and the hottest manufacturers along with recipe ideas and products and services aimed at cupcake makers. 

Baking and Snack International provides information about all things grain-related, and is a great resource for those running larger bakeries.  Milling and Baking News is an industry specific newsletter that covers news from all through the baking industry.  Other industry specific magazines include Baking + Biscuit and Developments in Flour Milling and Baking.  All of these are a valuable resource to bakers.  While baking magazines serve as inspiration for cupcake decorators, these industry magazines are a valuable way to stay up to date about the latest changes in the industry.

Baking and cooking magazines can become an addiction- finding new ideas and great products every time you turn a page can turn even an occasional baker into a baking fanatic.  Whether you simply love to create new cupcakes for your family or you are part of a large bakery, baking and cooking magazines will soon become your favorite reading material.

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