Christmas Cupcakes


Christmas cupcakes are also perfect to give as gifts!

There is something about the Christmas season that makes people particularly hungry for sweets and baked treats.  While all the traditional cupcake flavors you love are perfect during Christmas, it is also the ideal time to start experimenting with new flavors, cupcake recipes and fun decorating techniques.  Don’t forget, Christmas cupcakes are also perfect to give as gifts!  Whether you are making cupcakes for your own home, a gathering at work, your children’s school, a loved one, or a hostess gift, cupcakes are the perfect way to celebrate the season.

Spice cake is an old favorite that fits in well with winter, but why not get really creative?  Think of your beloved Christmas treats and consider if they can be turned into a cupcake flavor.  What about hot chocolate flavored cupcakes with a marshmallow frosting?  Or, an apple spice cupcake with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting?  The flavor possibilities are nearly endless.  You may want to try creating a gingerbread-flavored cupcake, a sugar cookie cupcake, or even a fruitcake- style cupcake.  You may just find a signature cupcake that you will want to make all year round.

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When it comes to decorating, Christmas brings to mind so many choices.  There are a variety of candies that come out during Christmas time that are ideal to incorporate into cupcake decorating.  You can use all the techniques that you have learned during the year to come up with beautiful designs.  Traditional designs like Santa Claus faces, stars, wreaths, and gifts are all perfect choices for creating Christmas cupcakes.  Consider making three-dimensional trees from green icing on top of your cupcakes.  Envision using a three- or four-tiered cupcake stand filled with green-iced cupcakes to create a Christmas tree display. 

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Create a wreath from a ring of cupcakes topped with green jellybeans and dotted with red icing on a round plate for a simple yet striking exhibit.  You can find ready-made cupcake toppers in Christmas designs to help you quickly create a bunch of delicious treats for a large function at school or work.

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Cupcake wrappers in festive designs can make any cupcake a little more cheery.  Wrappers in gold, silver, or glossy white can give cupcakes an elegant touch ideal for more sophisticated gatherings.  There are also decorative wraps that hold your finished creation, giving them that professional bakery appearance.  When you are ready to bring your baked gifts to friends and family, consider purchasing carriers and boxes that make them look as delicious as they taste.  These cupcake boxes are specially designed to safely carry cupcakes and are available in a range of Christmas patterns.  You can find cupcake boxes and carriers that will hold between one and a dozen cupcakes, instantly turning your baked goods into a feast for the eyes.  Christmas is the perfect time to show off your baking skills to friends, family, and loved ones.  And this year, instead of cookies, perhaps you should leave Santa some milk and cupcakes!

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