Choosing the Right Flour


Choosing the Right Flour for Your Baking Needs.

Choosing the right flour for your baking needs is crucial. The role of the flour will help determine the type you need.

There are many types of seeds and nuts from which flour can be processed. Once processed, you can choose from a variety of flours, such as wheat, barley, rice and others derived from vegetables, such as corn and potatoes. A very special type of wheat is used to make cake flour.

Cake flour is used for baking cupcakes, cakes and other delicate items, such as croissants. Cake flour is perfect for a light and fluffy cake. It has the finest, most delicate texture of all. If you cannot locate cake flour, you can create your own simply by combining all-purpose flour and cornstarch.

Flour gives your baked goods texture, structure and even flavor. You might think of flour as glue when you are baking: it holds all your ingredients together. Flour is great as a thickening agent for creams and sauces. It can help prevent cakes from sticking to the pan and dough from sticking to the counter by “dusting” the pans and surfaces. Another amazing thing about flour is you can coat nuts or fruit with flour before adding them to cake mix to prevent them from sinking to the bottom of the pan.

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If you like to bake, cake flour should be in your kitchen at all times. Pastry flour is also a very good flour to use when baking light items, such as pies and biscuits. However, cake flour is even better because it has a lower protein content.

When using cake flour, you should always sift it first to avoid clumping. It is recommended you store your flour in the refrigerator to prevent bugs. Measuring flour is very important, too; if too much flour is used, then a very heavy baked good is the result.

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Flour is also bleached when it is processed, which allows us to have white cakes. The bleaching method also aids in breaking down proteins. Cake flour is usually about seven percent protein, a lot lower than most of the other flours. Flour is made up of carbohydrate and protein and, whole wheat flour also has a touch of fat.

Again, the type of flour you choose will affect the end results. If you use the wrong type of flour for your recipe, your outcome will most likely not be that good. Cake flour is ultimately used for cakes and fine pastries. All-purpose flour is great for cookies, while bread flour is, of course, good for nice, chewy bread. Choosing the right flour for your baking needs is an absolute must!

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