Chocolate cupcake is a work of art


Even thinking about eating a chocolate cupcake is enough to make many of us start smiling.

Decorated chocolate cupcakeWhile a chocolate cupcake recipe may seem like a very basic recipe, there are hundreds of versions of cupcakes that include chocolate cake, filling, frosting, or a mixture of the three.  You can add so many different things to chocolate cupcakes to make them your own.  What will really make your cupcake stand out are the ingredients you add to it to make it stand out from a basic chocolate cupcake.

Many recipes call for creating chocolate cupcake by using cocoa powder, which is a smart way to get that delicious chocolaty taste you are looking for.  But if you are looking for a “real” chocolate cupcake, there are many other ways to get that flavor. 

One of the most popular ways to create chocolate cake is by using dark chocolate- while not everyone is a fan of the bitter taste of dark chocolate, using it in a cupcake recipe takes away the bitterness and leaves only a rich chocolate flavor.

Chocolate cupcakes on a plateYou can purchase cooking chocolate which is made for this purpose, but for the richest chocolate flavor, look for luxury Belgian chocolate.  A final touch that will bring out the richness in your chocolate cupcake is muscovado sugar.  This special sugar has a stronger flavor that goes well with chocolate. You can also consider adding cream rather than milk or using flavorings such as chocolate liqueurs to bring out the flavor of chocolate.

While chocolate tastes great on its own, it is even better when it is paired with another ingredient that brings out the flavor of chocolate.  Consider mixing in orange, strawberry, or lemon if you like a slightly fruity, sweet flavor. 

For something a little more surprising, you can add mint, brandy, or coffee.  And for the true chocolate purist, you can add fudge or chocolate ganache as a filling or in the frosting. 

Chocolate cupcake with chocolate frostingOf course, no chocolate cupcake would be complete without frosting.  This is also the perfect way to introduce color and flavor to your chocolate cupcakes.  Decorating ideas are endless, but to enhance the flavor of your chocolate cupcake, you should find a frosting that compliments the cake.  You can make butter cream, fondant, and glaze in a number of flavors to go with your chocolate cupcake. 

Filled cupcakes are another way to give your chocolate cake that bakery-worthy taste.  You can fill a cupcake with truffle fillings, ganache, fudge, fruits, or nearly anything else that sounds good to you. 

Experiment with flavor combinations to find ones that are true stand-outs.  Your family and friends will be sure to enjoy your “practice” sessions as you create the perfect, specialized chocolate cupcake. 

Chocolate cupcake with fruit decorationThe perfect chocolate cupcake is a work of art- and by being a little creative, you can make one that expresses your love of cooking.  Whether you want to make a big batch for a birthday party or just a few to enjoy with your family, chocolate cupcakes will be a favorite anywhere you serve them.

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