Children Friendly Cupcake Baking Tools


Cupcake baking is an excellent way to spend quality time with children.

A kitchen filled with warmth, aroma and harmony makes it a part of cherished memories, with colors and flavors adding magic to the occasion.

Baking gives kids an opportunity to learn important skills. In measuring they learn fractions, while cutting helps them with division. The oven buzzer can teach units of time. Mistakes made in measurements or a skipped step leading to disappointment can prove to be useful in teaching the virtues of patience and precision. Reading recipes can help develop and sharpen vocabulary and comprehension. It arouses kids’ curiosity and scientific interest when they wonder about such things as “What makes a cake rise?”. Finally, kids learn to organize and follow through with an entire project.

Safety Precautions
It’s important to emphasize safety facts without making kids feel overburdened or scared. Take special care around knives and stoves. Young children should not be allowed to handle sharp objects or to use burners and ovens. You can explain how to check if burners and ovens are turned on or off as you work. Also remember to turn pan handles away from the edge of the stove to avoid accidents.

Even older children must have adult supervision when using knives. You could replace a metal knife for a plastic one since it’s safer and easier for a kid to handle a plastic knife. Working with heat may cause burns. Ensure that mittens and potholders are used when handling hot surfaces.

Hygiene in the kitchen is a basic prerequisite that a child should learn. Wash hands with soap and water before and after finishing the baking project. Keep your hands thoroughly dry so as not to lose your grip while handling utensils. Minimize sticky messes by spreading newspapers on tables and countertops. Wear an apron. Small children can wear your old T-shirt over clothing. Cleaning as you go sets a good example for the kids.

Basic Baking Tools for getting started

  • Cups for measuring dry ingredients
  • Glass cups for measuring liquid ingredients
  • Measuring spoons
  • Spatulas, either rubber or plastic
  • Wooden spoons
  • An egg beater
  • Metal/glass bowls for mixing
  • Cupcake holders made of silicon.
  • Tray to hold cupcakes
  • Decorator bags/steel tubes

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Keep the project simple yet exciting. Assign your kid a job suitable to his/her abilities. Be generous with showering praises after completion of the project. Have appropriate expectations and ensure that each baking experience is positive by using cupcake baking tools and safety tips. In a baking set for children, look for safety compliance, oven and dishwasher safe silicon holders, and BPA-free plastics that are age appropriate.


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