Baking Cupcakes for the Holidays


Baking Cupcakes for the Holidays

Baking cupcakes for the holidays can be a lot of fun for you and the whole family. The smell of batter baking in the oven wafts through the entire house and can bring joy to everyone who is able to catch a whiff. There are no rules dictating what holidays you can bake for – you can make exciting cupcakes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even the Fourth of July.

You can bake cupcakes using mixes or the old-fashioned way with a box of cake flour and a pile of other ingredients. Be a little exciting in the flavors you choose. Chocolate and vanilla are great; however, there are red velvet, devil’s food, banana and many others that you could be bringing to the table.

The decorations are a crucial aspect of designing. Without embellishments, you could be baking cupcakes for the holidays year round but no one would know that they are for special occasions. Decorations can be as simple or as intricate as you want to make them. It may be fun to compete and see what you can come up with.

A big bowl of frosting and some food coloring can be your best friend when it comes to icing cupcakes. Orange is good for Halloween or Thanksgiving, red or blue for the Fourth of July, lavender or other pastels for Easter, the list goes on and on. If you have a secret passion for butter cream, pile it up as high as you wish to go.

Now that you have a color scheme, you can leave it at that or you can start to add a little décor to the top of the cupcake. Visiting the webshop can inspire you to new levels. Or, you pick up sprinkles that are in the shapes of your particular holiday.

If you opt for a little creativity, then you can really “wow” everyone that you are baking cupcakes for. Spiders can be made with licorice legs and black gumdrops. You can use orange slices, cut with a pair of scissors, as cornucopia. Colored M&Ms can go a long way to making smiley faces, American flags, and ornaments.

When you’re baking cupcakes for the holidays, you can get the kids to help decorate or allow them to taste test only. Give the cakes away, hand them out at your next party or spread the wealth however you want. No one is going to pass up a delicious cupcake no matter what the holiday.

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